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Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc. (KNOS) Has Impressive History of Commitment to Air Quality

  • Company has a two-decade history of being a “virus killer”
  • Studies show Kronos filter technology reduces airborne particulate matter levels and captures respiratory viruses, resulting in 99.99% reduced exposure
  • Kronos has evolved into a next-generation wellness company offering an array of air purifiers and other products to serve the indoor-air-quality market
With a long history of being a “virus killer” that stretches back almost two decades, Kronos Advanced Technologies (OTC: KNOS) has strengthened its reputation through the years for changing the way indoor air is filtered and disinfected. Today, the company offers an array of patented air purifiers for both home and office featuring the company’s proprietary technology, which fully removes harmful allergens, bacteria, viruses (including the flu), and even gases from breathing space (https://ibn.fm/gOjOA). “The company didn’t intend to cash in on the threat of a flu pandemic,” reported a November 2005 BusinessWeek article titled “Prevent a Pandemic, Make a Profit” (https://ibn.fm/TrjQO). The article noted that Kronos Advanced Technologies originally wanted to make a fan with no moving parts. “The secret: put high voltage across an array of wires,” the article stated. “That creates a flow of charged particles — ions — strong enough to pull air along. Early tests, though, showed an unexpected benefit: The electrical field also rips molecules apart, destroying pathogens such as anthrax spores or flu viruses. Of course, this feature wasn’t a big selling point in those pre-September 11 days. ‘When we said “anthrax,” people gave a yawn,’” recalled the CEO. “They aren’t so bored now,” the article continued. “Kronos’ virus killer ‘could be a hell of a device’ for filtering air everywhere from hospitals to airplanes, says Peter Goelz, former managing director of the National Transportation Safety Board.” Kronos began to talk with Korean Air and Singapore Airlines, two companies majorly affected by the Asian SARS epidemic of 2003. “We can’t keep up with the calls,” said the CEO. Only three years after BusinessWeek talked up the company, Kronos presented a paper at the Electrostatics Society of America (“ESA”) annual meeting reporting that during a two-week study of Kronos air purifiers, which were installed in a pediatric waiting room, airborne particulate matter (“PM”) samples were collected. Analysis of the PM trapped by the Kronos filters indicated reduced airborne PM levels and captured respiratory viruses, resulting in reduced exposure to airborne respiratory viruses for the waiting room occupants. The paper went on to cite other examples of the effectiveness of the Kronos technology, presenting “experimental results demonstrating high efficacy of Kronos-based air purifiers in capturing and destruction of various types of microorganisms in different environmental settings” (https://ibn.fm/mCgBF). Kronos Advanced Technologies clearly has established both a precedent and pattern of creating clean, safe air quality. The company continues that commitment today as it has evolved into a next-generation wellness company that offers an array of air purifiers and other products designed to serve the indoor-air-quality market. The company’s proprietary technology features state-of-the-art, high-voltage patented processes without the use of traditional porous HEPA filters to move air silently and filter, sterilize and purify the air while dramatically reducing energy consumption. KNOS recently acquired an 85,000-square-foot West Virginia manufacturing campus that will be retrofitted to produce advanced, proprietary air-purification devices and other wellness products (https://ibn.fm/Vvi6u). The company’s products feature unique filterless technology, with zero maintenance costs because no HEPA filters must be replaced. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.KronosATI.co. NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to KNOS are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/KNOS

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