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Nowigence Inc. (NOWG) User Case Studies Show Depth, Breadth of Pluaris App’s Power

  • Nowigence’s Pluaris app can instantaneously distill knowledge buried in narrative-intensive documents from both public and private sources
  • Pluaris case studies illustrate different ways innovative platform can be used
  • Nowigence is focused on simplifying the challenges of learning, with so much information available today
Nowigence (OTCQB: NOWG)’s Pluaris(TM) — a comprehensive, ready-to-use artificial intelligence (“AI”) platform — is designed to build intelligence quickly. The cloud-based, knowledge-management tool supports users who are looking to advance their competence and competitiveness by gathering key information that can accelerate the pace of problem solving and decision making. According to the company, Pluaris “mimics the way that we, as humans, read, analyze, and comprehend textual data. Many of us have a backlog of work related to reading, or face issues with staying focused on the task of reading or recalling the content that we just read. Individuals, teams, and enterprises can now quickly distill knowledge 24/7 buried in narrative-intensive documents instantaneously from various data sources, both public and private.” For instance, Nowigence shares the example of one Pluaris user who received a report of a high fasting blood sugar level during a recent physical (https://ibn.fm/63g4d). His doctor suggested medication, but the user wanted to explore natural-cure remedies. “He uploaded a few research reports into Pluaris, scanned summaries, and explored the annotated labels,” the company reported. “Based on that analysis, he quickly set up Pluaris to auto-monitor topics such as ‘lowering fasting blood sugar’ and ‘low glycemic food.’ From those results, and within 10 days, he built an action list of daily habits for diet and fitness. Within two months, he brought his fasting blood sugar level back down.” In fact, the user was so impressed with the way Pluaris worked that he decided to set up a new company powered by the new platform. His company will allow individuals to auto-track and discover knowledge related to their own health, not only saving time but also gathering information that will help them make key decisions about the best course of action for their health. Another company that uses Pluaris, Tech Mahindra, employs the platform to pool data for its strategic prospects. Pluaris “integrates their existing marketing platform, customer relationship management (‘CRM’) and web-scrapes competitive sites to build a knowledge management platform for their sales, marketing, and corporate communication teams,” reports Nowigence. “Pluaris extracts key points from multiple sources and generates an annotated feed that systematically classifies and links text data from multiple files. It assists users to create hypercontextual briefings, reduce internal meetings, make quicker decisions and build deeper relations with clients.” Pluaris is a proprietary, easy-to-use platform that assists users with reading and analysis of textual data (https://ibn.fm/lMDDL). The platform generates an annotated data feed based on specified topics of interest and then automatically creates a permanent personal knowledge base from a user’s feed and private uploads. The app has human-like capabilities for comprehending textual data and providing concise summaries and precise answers to questions, while also analyzing different data perspectives, discovering new connections, creating organized nested notes and allowing teams to work together by sharing in real time from anywhere in the world. Nowigence is focused on simplifying the challenges of learning. By integrating state-of-the-art data-processing techniques in an intuitive interface at an affordable subscription price, Pluaris puts the power of data science into the hands of consumers. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.Nowigence.com. NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to NOWG are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/NOWG

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