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Our team has been covering the micro- and small-cap markets for more than a decade, exploring a wide variety of trends, technology and news in every industry. The Stocks to Buy Now blog seeks out undervalued companies, covers their news, breaks down the jargon, and delivers accurate and timely information to you on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for market insight, undervalued gems, and an assortment of investment options, read on.

Aditxt Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTX) Is ‘One to Watch’

Aditxt is commercializing new innovations with focus on mapping and reprogramming the immune system Aditxt is actively adding distribution channel partners for AditxtScore(TM) throughout the U.S. and globally The company aims to expand reimbursement coverage for AditxtScore(TM) for COVID-19 from private insurance and public payers while developing and commercializing tests for other indications Aditxt intends […]

Sharing Services Global Corp. (SHRG) Is Creating a Brand that Instills Passion, Loyalty

A company’s ability to establish, maintain strong brand equity creates passionate, loyal consumers Creating a community, differentiating are essential steps in building a powerful brand Since inception, SHRG has devoted itself to creating a community where entrepreneurs and consumers alike can find health, wealth and happiness Creating a recognizable brand is essential to success for […]

Knightscope, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: KSCP) Autonomous Security Robots Facilitating Situational Crime Prevention

The various opportunity-reducing methods of situational crime prevention look to increase the perceived risks of committing a crime, enhance the effort required to commit crimes, reduce rewards, and eliminate excuses for crime Knightscope’s autonomous security robots (“ASRs”), which are equipped with capabilities such as video recording and streaming capabilities, thermal anomaly detection, facial recognition, and […]

Correlate Infrastructure Partners Inc. (CIPI) Kicks Off Installation of 908-kW Rooftop Solar Power Project at Continental Envelope Headquarters

Correlate Infrastructure Partners has begun construction of a 908-kW rooftop solar project at Continental Envelope headquarters in Geneva, Illinois Once completed, it will power approximately 20-25% of the facility’s overall energy needs, and be one of the state’s biggest rooftop solar facilities Correlate’s management believes that this project is a demonstration of its commitment to […]

O’Cannabiz International Conference, Expo, Retail Summit, and Awards Gala, for Cannabis Industry Professionals

The O’Cannabiz International Conference & Expo is a three-day event that will be held primarily at the International Center on Airport Road in Hall #5. During the O’Cannabiz International Conference & Expo, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in various activities, including a two-day Retail Summit and the privately ticketed Awards Gala to be […]

EverGen Infrastructure Corp. (TSX.V: EVGN) (OTCQB: EVGIF) Positioned for Growth Amid Compelling Market Opportunities for Expansion; Reports Financial Results

Tackling climate change opens up potentially compelling opportunities for growth for businesses driven by ESG values such as EverGen Company is eyeing growth opportunities – both nationally and internationally – as RNG gathers steam in the world’s bid to combat climate threat EverGen aims to unite social and environmental responsibility with market success; reports quarterly […]


From Our Blog

SPYR Inc. (SPYR) Probing Considerations Aimed at Fueling Expansion Amid Expected Growth in the Internet of Things

May 16, 2022

The ‘Internet of Things’ market is expected to reach a value of between $5.5 trillion and $12.6 trillion by 2030, from $745 billion in 2019, driven by contributions from both businesses and consumers SPYR Inc., through its subsidiary Applied Magix Inc., is considering aligning its interests to tap into this anticipated rapid growth The company […]

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