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Therma Bright, Inc. (TSX.V: THRM) (OTC: THRBF) Provides Technology for Clear and Healthy Skin

  • Uses heat and light energy to provide non-invasive and pain-free skin care
  • InterceptCS™ provides cold sore prevention with controlled topical heat
  • TherOZap™ relieves symptoms caused by insect and marine life bites and stings, holds potential for inhibiting mosquito-borne viruses
  • A third product is in development to treat joint pain through the combination of cannabis and thermal technology

Therma Bright, Inc. (TSX.V: THRM) (OTC: THRBF) is a progressive medical device technology company focused on serving the $21 billion cosmeceutical industry by providing products, devices and treatments that address dermatological needs. The company believes that clear and healthy skin should not be a privilege for those who can afford costly procedures and treatments, but rather a possibility that is accessible for all.

Heat and light energy are used by ThermaBright to provide non-invasive and pain-free skin care. This proprietary technology has received Class II medical device status from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Patent and trademark protection have also been initiated for products developed to incorporate medicinal cannabis into the use of the company’s thermal therapy tech.

InterceptCS is ThermaBright’s cold sore prevention device*. This device treats cold sores at their earliest appearance through the application of topical thermal technology with no risk of burning the skin. Used at the first sign of a cold sore, InterceptCS can prevent further symptoms from developing by killing cells that have been infected by the herpes simplex Type 1 virus.

The market potential for InterceptCS is high, with a reported 20-40 percent of the Canadian and United States population experiencing recurrent cold sore outbreaks. No prescription to use this device is required, making it more accessible to a larger market. Plans are in place to bring various models to market beyond the current single-use activator, further elevating the value for the customer.

Another of ThermaBright’s revolutionary products is TherOZap. This device uses thermal therapy as a second line of defense against insect bites. The device is used to relieve the pain, itch and swelling that can result from more than 20,000 types of insect and marine life bites and stings. These includes bees, wasps, hornets, mosquitos, black flies and jellyfish. Plans are in place to test the technology’s effectiveness in inhibiting mosquito-borne diseases such as the Zika and Dengue viruses.

A third product is in the works for a new pain relief device. This novel device is for the relief of back, knee or other joint pain. It combines the company’s thermal therapy tech with medical grade cannabis or cannabidiol (CBD) used as a cream or gel.

In preparation for this unique device, ThermaBright is in the process of creating a wholly owned subsidiary, according to a recent press release (http://ibn.fm/5ySjg). The company has indicated that an acquisition will be sought to further the development of this new product. The cannabis related device acquisitions, along with any products created, will be held in this new subsidiary.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.ThermaBright.com

  • Based on double blind placebo study the InterceptCS™ is approved for the claim “For prevention of cold sores when used within 3 hours of the onset of the prodrome.” by Health Canada. The InterceptCS™ is not approved by the United States FDA for any claim of clinical indication, clinical efficacy, and/or cure or prevention of disease.

Sharing Services, Inc. (SHRV) to Launch Nutraceutical Products in Canada via Elevacity Global Subsidiary

  • Sharing Services utilizes the direct selling channel to produce 100 percent organic growth
  • The company continues to promote its Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Sharing Services is currently introducing its products in select Canadian provinces
  • Company continues to experience steady growth in sales volume and assets reported

A diversified holding company based in Plano, Texas, Sharing Services, Inc. (OTCQB: SHRV) specializes in the direct selling industry. The company leverages a Blue Ocean Strategy, which combines diverse keys together to implement Sharing Services’ vision. These keys include elevating home-based entrepreneurs (Elepreneurs) and using the direct selling channel to generate 100 percent organic growth.

Sharing Services is experiencing substantial sales increases this year (http://ibn.fm/9lIte). As of July 2018, the company’s sales volume was $12.93 million. On November 2, 2018, Sharing Services held its annual shareholder meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. This meeting was before the opening of the third major conference for its subsidiary, Elepreneurs, LLC (http://ibn.fm/X2o2Q).

Elepreneurs, LLC is a 100 percent wholly owned subsidiary of Sharing Services. Its particular structure is focused on contracting with companies to promote and sell products through a direct selling model. In 2017, 18.6 million people were involved in direct selling in the U.S. – the world’s largest direct selling market (http://ibn.fm/2PkWT). One reason for this significant involvement is that direct selling provides accommodating hours, as well as entrepreneurial opportunities to all age groups.

Sharing Services owns, operates or controls an interest in an array of companies specializing in the direct selling industry. These companies either sell products to the consumer directly, via independent representatives, or provide offerings ranging from health and wellness, energy, technology and insurance services to training, media and travel benefits.

Sharing Services is working to mesh Eleprenuers with the Sharing Service brand to create mutual benefits. Elevating home-based entrepreneurs, called Elepreneurs, is a primary emphasis of the company. Sharing Services is utilizing the direct selling channel to produce 100 percent organic growth. The goal is to create as many successful, independent business leaders as possible. In the last few months, the company has grown by 10,000 independent sales representatives.

Sharing Services also has its new Elevacity Global product. Elevacity offers patented nutritional consumer products and virtual success training – all integrated with an innovative rewards program. The Elevacity Brand consists of core products in the nutritional beverage category, supplements and unique skin care offerings (http://ibn.fm/66P5s). Products include Elevate Brew, XanthoMax (a flavonoid), and Choclevate (a Nootropic Hot Chocolate), among others.

Recently, the company announced that its wholly-owned Elevacity Global subsidiary will launch its line of nutraceutical products in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. Presently, it is awaiting approvals for enrollment opportunities in all other Canadian provinces (http://ibn.fm/jwgZD).

The Elevacity Global brand undergoes distribution through the Elepreneurs independent sales team. Elepreneurs continue to promote the company’s Blue Ocean Strategy philosophy globally.

In a news release, John “JT” Thatch, chief executive officer of Sharing Services, stated, “We have placed a concentrated effort to complete the regulatory process in Canada over the past several months and are excited to start processing orders and quickly fulfill consumer demand in those provinces.”

Re-configuring how entrepreneurs succeed, Sharing Services continues to innovate with products and the direct selling model. The company’s dedication is to sharing its collective products and services by way of home-based Elepreneurs. Sharing Services offers opportunities to creative entrepreneurs and shareholders alike.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.SHRVinc.com

How Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG) Built Customer Loyalty and Trust

  • Before it was easy, REFG was building a customer base, loyalty and trust by providing a service that was necessary but non-existent
  • Company aims to make cash-only a business model of the past, allowing licensed providers to easily apply for a bank account online
  • Keys to success include transparency and compliance

The legal cannabis industry now has simple banking options thanks to Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (OTC: REFG). According to the company, it is the only one offering licensed providers the ability to apply for a bank account online. In an industry with limited to no banking options, REFG is providing the accessibility and protection necessary for licensed cannabis companies to succeed.

In addition to the convenience of an online application, the company’s state-of-the-art system tracks sales and taxes and provides client management to dispensaries. Thanks to REFG, cash-only is a business model of the past for licensed distributors. Now, they can utilize ‘Go!’, an end-to-end payment processing system, for their banking needs.

Due to federal regulations, traditional banks are often unwilling to provide full services to the cannabis industry. REFG, on the other hand, is able to provide legal banking and secure payment processing while remaining compliant to ever-changing federal regulations. The company believes that the solution to success is being transparent and complying with regulations rather than working around them. Now averaging 60 million transactions per month along with one million new cards issued, REFG takes the security and safety of every transaction seriously.

When customers of a dispensary sign up for a Go! Card, they are creating a link between their banks – any checking accounts from any U.S. bank – and the dispensaries. When businesses create a Go account, they are providing their customers with convenience and redefining the culture of dispensaries. What was once a dangerous, risky, cash-only store front becomes a safe, convenient place to do business.

The company is positioned to grow as the laws in the U.S. surrounding the legalization of cannabis begin to change. Up until now, legalization has been determined on a state-by-state level. However, Reps. David Joyce (R-Ohio) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) have made remarks citing the “STATES” Act (Strengthening the 10th Amendment Through Entrusting States), a bill exempting states with legal cannabis from federal cannabis law enforcement, as likely to pass. Due to public support, the STATES Act and other cannabis-related bills are expected to be introduced and are “likely to pass” in 2019. This move will put REFG ahead of the game.

REFG has been establishing itself as an expert, willing to take risks where other banks were not. The company has already grown a loyal customer base and is proving itself trustworthy before its competition even enters the game.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.PayWithGo.com

The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. (TSX.V: FIRE) (OTC: SPRWF) (FRA: 53S1) Subsidiary 7ACRES Honored as ‘Brand of the Year’

  • Supreme Cannabis’ flagship brand, 7ACRES, selected by panel of industry professionals across variety of sectors in cannabis space
  • Award recognizes 7ACRES’ enormous effort in creating a brand, strategy, culture, image and impact that resonate in the public consciousness
  • Canadian Cannabis Awards ceremony hailed as world’s first for a federally regulated recreational cannabis market
  • Supreme is Canada’s only licensed cannabis producer principally focused on premium brands and products with coast-to-coast distribution

Premium cannabis producer 7ACRES, a wholly-owned subsidiary and flagship brand of The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. (TSX.V: FIRE) (OTC: SPRWF) (FRA: 53S1), now wears the mantle of ‘Brand of the Year’ after being recognized on December 3 at the 2018 Canadian Cannabis Awards presented by Lift & Co. (TSX.V: LIFT) in Toronto, Canada. 7ACRES was selected for the honor by a panel of industry professionals across a variety of sectors in the cannabis space, a news release states (http://ibn.fm/NihYR).

“We are extremely honored to have been recognized as Brand of the Year by the Canadian Cannabis Awards. The Team at 7ACRES works incredibly hard and are very proud of the products and the culture we have cultivated since day one,” John Fowler, president and founder of Supreme Cannabis, said in the release. “Since our founding, our organization has been dedicated to ensuring the highest quality product and innovation, developing an industry-leading team, and incredible corporate culture.”

The 2018 Canadian Cannabis Awards (“CCAs”), a black-tie gala attended by nearly 600 industry leaders, celebrated excellence in Canada’s burgeoning world-class cannabis industry. It was also heralded as the world’s first award program dedicated to a federally regulated recreational cannabis market. 7ACRES received top honors with ‘Brand of the Year’, as determined by a committee of qualified judges, the CCAs stated in a separate release (http://ibn.fm/yNRDm).

“The most powerful brands seem to spring into public consciousness, capturing hearts and minds as if they’ve always existed,” explains the descriptor for ‘Brand of the Year’ on the CCAs website. “This award recognizes the enormous effort behind such apparent effortlessness, awarding brand strategy, culture, image, and impact. This award recipient is voted on by the judging committee. Nominations for this award are open to industry professionals only.”

The 7ACRES cultivation facility, one of the first 40 federally licensed cannabis producers in Canada, is focused on building a core competency in scaled cannabis production, which will give 7ACRES the needed flexibility to maintain leadership in the industry as the Canadian market grows and matures. 7ACRES operates from a 342,000-square-foot cultivation facility in Kincardine, Ontario, and has been federally licensed since 2016. Current capacity is 13,333 kilograms of dried cannabis annually, with plans to ramp up production by mid-2019 to a rate of 50,000 kilograms per year.

Supreme identifies the quality of the 7ACRES product as the company’s primary strength and says a shared “passion for the plant” is the driver of company culture. Six Canadian provinces have signed supply agreements with Supreme, a fact that the company credits to the high quality of 7ACRES cannabis (http://ibn.fm/CqdNp). The 7ACRES brand is already listed as premium cannabis product in all provinces that disclose their cannabis listing categories, and 7ACRES, on average, wholesales for up to one-third higher in price than other brands in the Canadian cannabis market.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.Supreme.ca

Sugarmade, Inc. (SGMD) Investment in Hemp Set for Payoff with Vote on 2018 Farm Bill

  • 2018 farm bill approved by Congressional vote earlier this week
  • Bill removes industrial hemp from Schedule I under Controlled Substances Act
  • Hemp market expected to hit $1 billion in 2018

With floor votes passing this week in the House of Representatives and the Senate, the chances that the Farm Bill – H.R.2, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 – will be law before Yuletide have improved considerably. Such a development augurs well for Sugarmade, Inc. (OTCQB: SGMD), a company focused on supplying equipment and technologies to support the legal cultivation, processing and storage of cannabis and other agricultural products, which recently made a substantial investment in the hemp space. The 2018 Farm Bill includes provisions to unshackle hemp from restrictions imposed by the Control Substances Act of 1970 and the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

Things are looking up for the hemp industry. On Monday, December 10, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) tweeted (http://ibn.fm/fb8hR), “Making it official with my hemp pen! … With today’s signature, my provision to legalize industrial hemp is 1 step closer to reality. Looking forward to voting YES on this bill & sending to POTUS.” If the bill is approved by President Trump, as expected, McConnell, who has been a passionate promoter of reform, would return the hemp industry to its legal status, more or less, from before the 1937 passage of the Marihuana Tax Act.

That infamous statute did not directly criminalize the possession or usage of hemp, marijuana or cannabis. However, it instituted certain regulations, violation of which could result in fines of up to $2,000 and five years’ imprisonment (http://ibn.fm/gJz23). For example, one provision required every person who sells, deals in, dispenses or gives away marihuana to register with the Internal Revenue Service and pay a special occupational tax. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 went further, criminalizing hemp by making only negligible distinction between marijuana and hemp. Consequently, hemp ended up, alongside marijuana, as a Schedule I Controlled Substance, the most restricted category of drugs.

The Farm Bill 2018 attempts to reverse those prohibitions. Importantly, it removes industrial hemp from the CSA’s definition of “marijuana” and from Schedule I. It also repeals section 7606 of the Agricultural Act within the 2014 Farm Bill, which only allowed cultivation of hemp under the auspices of a state agricultural pilot program or institution of higher education. Products made from industrial hemp, including CBD oil, would now be legal under the CSA, provided they contain no more than 0.3 percent THC. Henceforth, regulation of hemp will be like any other agricultural crop (http://ibn.fm/sQYF5).

This sets the stage for rapid expansion – projected at a CAGR of 14 percent – of an industry that is already flourishing. In 2017, the total hemp market reached $820 million, according to the Hemp Business Journal; of that, $190 million came from hemp-derived CBD products. The market is on track to hit $1 billion for 2018.

Sugarmade is expecting substantial payoff for its commitment to the industry. The company intends to invest in Hempistry, Inc. a privately held Nevada corporation, which has begun planting an ultra-high cannabidiol (CBD) industrial hemp strain in the U.S. State of Kentucky (http://ibn.fm/39SPe). In addition, Sugarmade has signaled strong interest in an agreement with Hempistry for hemp cultivation supplies. Hempistry has already begun planting and has signed an agreement reserving up to 23,000 acres of prime Kentucky farmland for its exclusive use for hemp cultivation. This venture will expand the scope of Sugarmade’s operations, which include CarryOutSupplies, a provider of essential supplies to quick-serve restaurants; ZenHydro, an online hydroponics store; and BudLife Cannabis Storage Solutions, which offers a novel way to preserve the quality of cannabis flowers over long periods.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.Sugarmade.com

Golden Developing Solutions, Inc. (DVLP) Seeks to Make the Cannabis World a Bit Smaller through Newly Launched Software Division, GreenerGrows.org

  • Golden Developing Solutions, Inc. supports the cannabis industry by providing recognizable and trustworthy products alongside software and technology geared toward enhanced efficiency
  • Cannabis growers can communicate with one another and receive industry data and news through the company’s website, WheresWeed.com
  • The global cannabis market is on track to reach $146.4 billion by the end of 2025

Golden Developing Solutions, Inc. (OTC: DVLP), a rising leader in the cannabis industry, provides its clients with business services and products to support the flourishing market. Through its ancillary software, the company seeks to connect members of the cannabis community by increasing the ease of connection between growers, distributors and both medical and recreational users.

Golden Developing Solutions, Inc.’s mission lies in maintaining the utmost efficiency while modeling how to act as a steward to the environment. In fact, the company aims to lead the industry in not only cutting costs but also reducing its clients’ carbon footprint. By utilizing software to increase efficiency and communication among all stakeholders in the cannabis community (http://ibn.fm/lxjXP), the company aims to “keep the planet as green as possible” while “improving public image of the cannabis community” and “lowering the impact…left behind.”

Golden Developing Solutions utilizes several important software programs to achieve its goal of stakeholder connectivity. It recently acquired one such company, ‘Where’s Weed’, which is an American cannabis technology company aiding medical and recreational cannabis users in locating trustworthy local growers within their communities. WheresWeed.com has amassed an impressive online following, logging nearly three million page views per month. Further seeking to meet customers where they are, the Where’s Weed app has been downloaded more than 80,000 times, allowing the company to attune to the pulse of the cannabis market as it connects customers with growers in their areas.

More recently, the company launched a new software division known as GreenerGrows.org, bringing together all layers of the cannabis industry to one pipeline of information – growers, transportation experts, dispensaries, advertisers and more can both locate each other and obtain objective reporting data on the industry’s latest news and trends.

Aside from its burgeoning ancillary software services, Golden Developing Solutions also sells CBD products through online retail outlets, such as its joint venture Pura Vida Vitamins, LLC. Pura Vida’s offerings including hemp, CBD products and others serving the health and wellness industry. Through its multi-pronged approach, Golden Developing Solutions seeks to help the cannabis community increase its overall efficiency and improve its carbon footprint while securing the company a position as an emerging leader in the market.

For more information, visit the company’s websites at www.PuraVidaVitamins.com and www.WheresWeed.com

Spectrum Global Solutions, Inc. (SGSI) Revenues Tracking More than $33 Million Annually, Up from Zero in Early 2017

  • SSGI posted more than $10 million in revenues in Q3 2018
  • Growth strategy includes both acquisitions and organic growth through operations
  • Company expects revenue boost from coming 5G mobile service rollout
  • Recently awarded more than $5.7 million in contacts for work on state-of-the-art next-gen communications systems

Spectrum Global Solutions, Inc. (OTC: SGSI), a leading single-source provider of end-to-end, next-generation wireless and wireline network infrastructure and professional service solutions to the service provider (carrier) and corporate enterprise markets, has grown revenues from zero in early 2017 to currently tracking more than $33 million annually, CEO Roger Ponder informed shareholders and investors in a recent 2018 update (http://ibn.fm/4GH7A).

The SGSI revenue growth has come through acquisition and operations. The company posted revenues of approximately $4.3 million in the first quarter of 2018, with an increase to nearly $11 million in Q2. In the third quarter of 2018, SGSI reported almost $10 million in revenue as it focused on gross margins and net income. Some lower margin contracts that the company inherited from its acquisitions were allowed to expire in favor of higher margin projects, Ponder noted.

Spectrum Global’s ADEX Corp. subsidiary, acquired in early 2018, has shown quarterly growth since the acquisition, while another subsidiary, AW Solutions, has experienced consistent year-over-year revenue growth. SGSI operates through subsidiaries to provide telecommunications engineering and infrastructure services across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Caribbean. The company provides services directly to carriers, aggregators, utilities, enterprises, Project management organizations and original equipment manufacturer clientele through its subsidiaries.

Ponder said in a news release that Spectrum Global aims to continue growing organically and through acquisitions. The company recently announced that it has been awarded more than $5.7 million in new contracts for professional services, project management, engineering design, network auditing, construction, installation and network upgrade services for various new, state-of-the-art, next-generation communications systems. Work on these new systems commenced during the third quarter, and revenue from these orders will be realized during 2018 and into 2019 (http://ibn.fm/eGfe2).

Future acquisitions will be strategic in nature, Ponder added. “We will not acquire companies simply to increase revenue,” he noted. “The acquisitions we pursue must be accretive to our earnings, have the ability to expand our services geographically, and provide us with an entrance into a new customer base.”

The company also expects a revenue boost from the coming rollout of 5G mobile phone service, which is already underway in some locations.

“We continue to build upon our pipeline of new opportunities as carriers deploy upgrades of their services and technologies across the U.S.,” Ponder stated in a news release (http://ibn.fm/vybLE). “AT&T recently announced that its true 5G mobile service rollout should start in the coming weeks in Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Oklahoma City. As AT&T and other major carriers roll out this upgrade, we are called upon for assistance. To capitalize on these opportunities, we are in active discussions with multiple synergistic entities for merger or acquisition that would be accretive to our earnings.”

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.SpectrumGlobalSolutions.com

Earth Science Tech, Inc. (ETST) Announces that New CBD/Propovit Throat Spray Formula is Close to Market-Ready

  • Earth Science Tech, via its subsidiaries, centers on developing its role as a global leader in the cannabinoid arena
  • The company’s diverse subsidiaries offer a wide selection of cannabinoid products in numerous categories
  • Earth Science Tech recently announced a CBD/Propovit throat spray formula developed via its partnership with Bionatus

A biotechnology enterprise, Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTCQB: ETST) focuses on cannabis (industrial hemp) and cannabinoid research and development, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The company does so through its diverse wholly owned subsidiaries, which concentrate on the development of Earth Science Tech’s role as a worldwide leader in the cannabinoid space. Earth Science Tech is headquartered in Doral, Florida.

The company’s subsidiaries include Earth Science Pharmaceutical, Inc.; Cannabis Therapeutics, Inc.; and KannaBidioiD, Inc. Earth Science Tech’s Canadian subsidiary is Canna Inno Laboratories, Inc. Through its subsidiaries, the company’s cannabinoid products are offered in different forms of personal care goods, homeopathies, vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, functional foods and more (http://ibn.fm/QuWmD).

Subsidiary Earth Science Pharmaceutical focuses on becoming a global leader in the development of low cost, non-invasive diagnostic tools, medical devices, testing processes and vaccines for sexually transmitted infections and/or diseases (STIs). The Cannabis Therapeutics subsidiary is positioning itself to become an international leader in cannabinoid research and development for a wide-ranging line of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and other products and solutions.

Earth Science Tech’s KannaBidioiD subsidiary focuses on manufacturing and distributing vapes/e-liquids and gummy edibles in the recreational arena formulated by its innovative Kanna and cannabinoid formula. Moreover, the Canna Inno Laboratories subsidiary gives Earth Science Tech a position in the Province of Québec. Canna Inno provides the company with access to government grants, with the first now receiving approval.

Recently, Earth Science Tech announced that the new genuine CBD/Propovit throat spray formula developed via a strategic partnership with Bionatus is almost market-ready. The company worked together with Bionatus to improve the Propovit throat spray. The outcome of this collaboration is a strawberry-flavored formulation enriched with Earth Science Tech full-spectrum cannabinoids obtained from industrial hemp (http://ibn.fm/gpU1W).

The principal active ingredient in Propovit is propolis. This compound comes from the Brazilian green bee. Propolis has substantial strong antioxidants. It also has potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This new formulation unites the effect of Propovit and the company’s cannabinoids to help reduce the symptoms of throat infections. Fine drops distribute the hemp oil extensively onto the oromucosal area of the mouth.

In a news release, Dr. Michel Aube, chief executive officer and chief science officer of Earth Science Tech, stated, “We are very excited to see this project in the final stage. We have developed a product that we believe will have properties not found in any other product on the market, and we thank our team and our partner Bionatus for their diligence and innovation on this formulation.”

Earth Science Tech, by way of its subsidiaries, continues to innovate and advance new initiatives in the cannabinoid space. It is working to bring to market pioneering pharmaceutical and medical device offerings. For investors, Earth Science Tech offers the opportunity for growth through its varied portfolio and pipeline as it looks to expand its role as a leader in diverse market sectors.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.EarthScienceTech.com

Green Hygienics Holdings Inc.’s (GRYN) Science-Driven Cannabis Cultivation Offers Higher Quality at Significantly Lower Cost

  • Green Hygienics focuses on science-driven cannabis cultivation
  • Its vertical farming process utilizes aeroponic technology
  • The company is at the vanguard of the cannabis sector due to its continuing dedication to invention

Targeting the high-end medical and adult-use recreational market, Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. (OTC: GRYN) concentrates on science-driven cannabis cultivation. The company’s growth strategy involves producing revenues from the sales of premium grade cannabis products, developing and licensing valuable intellectual property (IP), making strategic acquisitions and creating trusted global consumer brands. The focus of the Las Vegas, Nevada-based company is pharmaceutical-grade cannabis at higher yields and lower costs.

The U.S. cannabis market is anticipated to grow to $23.3 billion by 2022. The worldwide cannabis market could rise three-fold by 2022, with an anticipated value of $32 billion. Grand View Research noted in its April 2018 report that the worldwide legal marijuana market is expected to hit $146.4 billion by the end of 2025 (http://ibn.fm/0Jx9D).

Grand View further stated that advances in new product development are projected to boost product adoption by consumers. With Canada recently legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, and with the U.S. and other countries heading in that direction, Green Hygienics is positioned to leverage these market dynamics.

The company’s vertical farming process employs aeroponic technology. The result is 90-95 percent less water usage. In addition, the technology considerably improves yield per square foot and requires less energy. Green Hygienics’ vertical farming features state-of-the-art, quality-controlled commercial cultivation equipment and software. The expectation is that the vertical farming market, and its use of aeroponics, will reach close to $10 billion by 2025 (http://ibn.fm/lhYkQ).

Green Hygienics has its enhanced hybrid aeroponic method. This method, along with other proprietary techniques, consistently produces higher yields and a superior product. At the heart of this process are nutrients and moisture, which are delivered directly to an exposed natural root. The nutrients and moisture do not touch soil, rock wool, peat, clay or other growth media.

With its vital technology and continuing innovation, Green Hygienics now has its cost per gram for production under $1. Direct competitors, and the industry as a whole, who cultivate a higher end indoor product typically have an effective cost in the $2 to $4 range. Moreover, the company’s product is “extremely strong quality” certified, which is the highest qualification available on the Kirsen Freshness & Quality Scale. Therefore, Green Hygienics’ focus on production quality, efficiency and cost containment bodes well for future initiatives by the company.

The expectation is that hybrid-aeroponics blended with big data and predictive analytics will result in the production of maximum cannabis yields. This will drive the market for first-rate cannabis products. Furthermore, IP and innovation within the cannabis sector can be transferred into the urban farming sector, which opens up significant doors of opportunity for the company. Green Hygienics’ plan is to build a large cultivation and extraction center in Canada, where legislation supports international distribution.

With the overall sector becoming increasingly competitive, Green Hygienics is ahead of the game because of its continuing commitment to invention. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in agricultural science and innovation, it continues to focus on cultivating a premium quality product line. Its long-term goals of expanding its portfolio of brands throughout the U.S. and worldwide offer attractive benefits to investors interested in creative companies in a vibrant sector.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.GreenHygienicsHoldings.com

SinglePoint, Inc. (SING) Sees Significant Growth, Triples Revenue Forecast for 2019

  • Diversified strategy capitalizing on emerging growth opportunities in mobile payments, cannabis and blockchain markets
  • 2018 revenue are expected to top $1 million, while 2019 revenues are expected to triple with additional acquisitions and continued portfolio growth
  • Subsidiary SingleSeed.com added multiple CBD product listings in 2018, organically increasing reach
  • Industrial hemp included in massive 2018 Farm Bill compromise unveiled by lawmakers

SinglePoint, Inc. (OTCQB: SING) expects its subsidiary, hemp-CBD distribution line SingleSeed.com, to be one of the company’s top revenue-producing holdings in 2019 – especially with recent news that  industrial hemp is firmly rooted in the bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill legislation that could be signed into law as early as this week (http://ibn.fm/J9mz2). SinglePoint’s heavy emphasis on SingleSeed, which distributes CBD products via the SingleSeed.com website, will continue through 2019, as the company is aiming to have both a large online presence and retail distribution reach (http://ibn.fm/TrbGs).

Hemp farmers and CBD-related companies are sure to benefit from the 2018 Farm Bill, which moves industrial hemp to the Department of Agriculture and away from the Justice Department. Language in the bill amends the Controlled Substances Act and legalizes CBD (http://ibn.fm/0wrjP). Another huge benefit to the nation’s up-and-coming hemp farmers is that they would finally be eligible to purchase crop insurance, something that traditional farmers have always been able to buy to protect their business from weather or other harmful events.

That’s good news on many levels, as detailed by Wil Ralston, president of SinglePoint.

“We have seen a huge explosion in the CBD space, and we are actively selling products through SingleSeed.com now. We are making a nice margin on the products and are seeing many new customers come to the site as we expand,” Ralston said, noting in the company’s annual recap that SingleSeed.com added multiple product listings in 2018 and has been organically increasing its reach.

The hemp CBD industry is expected to become a $5.7 billion market by 2019, according to a new report from Brightfield Group, but that amount pales next to the firm’s projection that CBD market growth will balloon by 40 times to $22 billion by 2022, as suggested by a Green Market Report article (http://ibn.fm/ujfkv). Brightfield Senior Analyst Jamie Schau is quoted as saying, “These numbers reflect the substantial changes we anticipate will follow full federal legalization of hemp-derived CBD.”

SinglePoint is poised to announce a record revenue total for 2018 topping $1 million and expects to triple that in 2019 with additional acquisitions and continued growth of current portfolio companies, a recent article on the company states (http://ibn.fm/sWuZt).

“SinglePoint has had an excellent 2018, and, overall, it has been a huge year for establishing the company. We plan to take that momentum and carry it forward into 2019. Adding revenue, adding a portfolio of companies, being diversified and bringing multiple new solutions to market has made for a great setup to a big 2019,” Greg Lambrecht, SinglePoint CEO, said in the company’s annual recap. “We expect to get back to the levels we were at in early 2018 and grow to surpass those numbers. We have the right team, the right products and opportunities to make a successful business and look forward to our shareholders sharing in that success as well.”

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.SinglePoint.com

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Therma Bright, Inc. (TSX.V: THRM) (OTC: THRBF) Provides Technology for Clear and Healthy Skin

December 14, 2018

Uses heat and light energy to provide non-invasive and pain-free skin care InterceptCS™ provides cold sore prevention with controlled topical heat TherOZap™ relieves symptoms caused by insect and marine life bites and stings, holds potential for inhibiting mosquito-borne viruses A third product is in development to treat joint pain through the combination of cannabis and […]

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