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Trillion Energy International Inc. (CSE: TCF) (OTCQB: TRLEF)

Trillion Energy International Inc. (CSE: TCF) (OTCQB: TRLEF), along with its consolidated subsidiaries, is a Canadian oil and gas exploration and production company with operations primarily focused in the Republic of Türkiye.

Headquartered in Canada, the company owns 49% of the SASB natural gas field, which is producing critical domestic supply of natural gas during Europe’s ongoing energy shortages. It also holds a 19.6% (except three wells with 9.8%) ownership interest in the Cendere Oil Field and has a farm-in agreement to earn 50% interest in three oil exploration blocks in southeast Türkiye called Cudi-Gabar.

Trillion Energy utilizes state-of-the-art technology and ingenious practices to produce and distribute oil and natural gas while still maintaining a commitment to sustainable and responsible operations. Whether through the development of new projects or optimizing existing assets, the company continues to seek new and innovative ways to drive growth and value for its stakeholders.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Trillion Energy is led by seasoned professionals who collectively boast over a century of energy exploration and development experience.


SASB Gas Field

The SASB Gas Field is producing and delivering critical domestic supplies of natural gas as energy shortages grip Europe due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Located in the southwestern Black Sea, the SASB gas field consists of numerous conventional natural gas pools located in shallow water. The fields have produced over 43 billion cubic feet (BCF) since initial development in 2007 and continue to provide much needed energy to Türkiye and the EU.  Total infrastructure to date, including production platforms, pipelines, initial wells and gas processing plant, cost in excess of $600 million.

Trillion Energy is redeveloping the field with a strategic planned program of approximately 17 wells which commenced in 2022. Phase B of the program, targeted for 2024/25, consists of the re-entry of five legacy wells to drill sidetrack development wells and one exploration stratigraphic well.

Cendere Oil Field

Trillion Energy’s Cendere oil field is a long-term, low decline, stable oil production field located in Türkiye. The company has a 19.6% interest in the field, except for three wells in which its interest is 9.8%.

Cash flow after operating costs from the field is $120,000 to $140,000 per month, with average current production netting the company 110-120 barrels of oil per day. Estimated remaining Cendere oil reserves total 1.5 million barrels (0.277 million barrels net Trillion Energy).

The gross value of Trillion Energy’s interest is estimated at $13.85 million (NPV10).


Trillion Energy’s 10-well oil exploration drilling program is occurring on three prospective oil blocks located in the prolific Cudi-Gabar oil province in southeast Türkiye. The total area of the three blocks is 374,325 acres.

Trillion Energy’s potential 50% working and revenue interest in the blocks is earned by paying 100% of the work program costs. The company will operate the exploration program.

During 2023/24, Trillion Energy will shoot 351 kilometers of 2D seismic (150 km already shot on the eastern block) and drill four wells. The remaining six wells will be paid 50% by Trillion and 50% by the company’s partner. The oil blocks are surrounded by more than 10 major oil discoveries, half of which are recent.

Market Opportunity

A January 2024 report by Emergen Research, a market research and consulting company, estimated the global natural gas market at $310.5 trillion in 2022 and projected the market will be worth $443.8 trillion by 2032, achieving a CAGR of 3.7% during the forecast period. Increasing global economic activity and rising electricity consumption are key factors driving revenue growth of the market, according to the report.

Trillion Energy reports strong demand for natural gas in Türkiye, which is the seventh-largest natural gas consuming country in the world. Türkiye currently imports 98% of the natural gas it consumes, with about 60% of those imports coming from Iran and Russia.

Management Team

Dr. Arthur Halleran is CEO and Director of Trillion Energy. He has a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Calgary and 44 years of petroleum exploration and development experience. His international experience includes work in Canada, Colombia, Egypt, India, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Suriname, Chile, Brazil, Bulgaria, Türkiye, Pakistan, Peru, Tunisia, Trinidad Tobago, Argentina, Ecuador and Guyana. Dr. Halleran has worked for Petro-Canada, Chevron, Rally Energy and United Hydrocarbon International Corp. In 2007, he founded Canacol Energy Ltd., now the largest natural gas producer in Colombia.

Al Thorsen is COO of Trillion Energy. He is responsible for production operations of the SASB gas field, as well as future drilling activities in Türkiye and abroad. Highlights of his career include Valeura Energy Inc. as operations manager in Türkiye; Journey Energy, leading a production team; Rio Alto Exploration as country manager and production manager; Zargon Oil and Gas as VP of Operations; Orleans Energy as VP of Operations; and Central Petroleum as COO. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Montana College of Mineral Science & Technology.

Investment Considerations
  • Trillion Energy is a Canadian based oil and gas exploration and production company with natural gas and oil assets in Türkiye providing critical energy needs to both Türkiye and the EU.
  • The company in June 2024 closed a previously announced non-brokered private placement with gross proceeds of $2.09 million.
  • Trillion Energy in April 2024 announced its total proved plus probable conventional natural gas reserves increased to 55.75 BCF in 2023, an improvement of 31% from 2022.
  • In September 2023, the company announced a 5-to-1 reverse stock split resulting in 77,935,465 shares outstanding after consolidation.
  • In July 2023, Trillion Energy announced a farm-in agreement to earn a 50% interest in three new exploration blocks in southeast Türkiye called Cudi-Gabar.
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