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Zenergy Brands, Inc. (ZNGY) Gains Loyal Customer Base by Helping Reduce Utility Consumption and Carbon Footprints

  • Americans’ growing concern with climate change is causing many to decrease their energy consumption
  • Zenergy Brands, Inc. offers energy-saving products to corporate, residential and industrial clients
  • Customers have seen energy savings of 20 to 60 percent after utilizing the company’s products

As blisteringly cold weather patterns cause customers to dread future electricity bills, one leading energy and technology company aims to help its clients reduce their reliance on the national energy grid through its line of innovative products and services.

Zenergy Brands, Inc. (OTC: ZNGY), a company passionate about helping reduce carbon emissions across the nation, boasts the ability to lower its customers’ energy consumption by 20 to 60 percent. Its Zero Cost Program, offered to corporate clients, comes fully complete and ready to operate upon purchase. After their initial investment, clients have found the product to fully pay for itself within five to seven years due to the energy conservation savings.

Another featured product geared for residential clients is Zenergy’s Residential Suite. The company’s collection of “Smart Home” technologies allows clients to easily customize their energy efficiency settings through a smartphone or any internet-connected smart devices. These products exemplify Zenergy’s mission to significantly reduce the nation’s carbon footprint while building and maintaining a portfolio of life-long customers.

Zenergy Brands prides itself on being an eco-friendly company, intent on bettering the world through its technologies and services. Its position as a leader in the sustainability technology industry comes at a time when Americans (both as individuals and business leaders) are becoming increasingly focused on lessening their dependency on utilities; 65 percent of Americans today are growing more concerned with climate change, according to a recent Gallup poll (http://ibn.fm/Je1Qn).

On a larger scale, many are looking to corporations to do their part in reducing utility consumption. Altruistic workers today seek out companies with a social conscience, and companies are responding in part by sponsoring “green initiatives” and making strides to reduce their carbon emissions. This sentiment was echoed in a recent Forbes article (http://ibn.fm/59TJW) urging citizens concerned with climate change to “work at a company committed to no environmental impact [and] donate [their] money to NGOs dedicated to addressing climate change.” Not only is Zenergy one such company in its own right, but it also catalyzes more environmentally responsible consumption behaviors across the world through its innovative products. The company enables its clients of all shapes and sizes to meet their sustainability goals and be better prepared for the future of efficient technology.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.ZenergyBrands.com

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