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OriginClear Inc. (OCLND) Driving Disruption of Trillion-Dollar Water-Treatment Industry

  • An estimated 20% of wastewater is treated globally, with much lower percentage being recycled
  • OriginClear addresses situation by providing water-treatment and conveyance products that are installed on site
  • CEO has goal for company to be driving force to take water industry from $1 trillion to a $5 trillion market

In a world where an estimated 20% of wastewater globally is treated and a much lower percentage is recycled (http://ibn.fm/IGQZW), OriginClear Inc. (OTC: OCLND) may be key to the solution. A leading provider of water-treatment solutions, OriginClear is uniquely prepared to offer organizations of all types – hotels and resorts, real-estate housing developments, office buildings, military installations, schools, farms, food and beverage manufacturers, industrial warehouses, oil and gas producers, medical and pharmaceutical facilities and more – the tools and services to treat and recycle their own water.

In a recent Grit Daily article (http://ibn.fm/aHErZ), the author noted that OCLN CEO Riggs Eckelberry is “driving the disruption of a trillion-dollar industry that has fallen behind the times and is affecting the health of millions. That industry is Big Water.” Billion-dollar centralized water systems aren’t coping with demand, the article reported, and water quality is steadily getting worse. Eckelberry “has a goal for his company, OriginClear, to be the driving force to take the water industry from $1 trillion to a $5 trillion dollar market.”

The trillion-dollar number comes from a “Water Online” report, which states that “a water scarcity ‘perfect storm’ is approaching, and that makes it a good time to invest in water reuse technologies. Analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research said in a new report. ‘For investors, increased demand for water could generate potent investment opportunities. Water-related industries already represent a roughly $500 billion market,’ the report said, citing Sarbjit Nahal, an equity strategist at BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research. ‘We think it will double to $1 trillion by 2020,’ he said” (http://ibn.fm/xClqg).

Eckleberry explains how OriginClear believes that $1 trillion estimate can increase to $5 trillion by noting that, based on a UN World Water Development report (http://ibn.fm/KSml2), over 80% of all wastewater is discharged without treatment. “If only 20% of the water is treated,” Eckleberry noted in a recent CEO update (http://ibn.fm/YD1jD), “this one-trillion dollar industry should be a five-trillion dollar industry.”

OriginClear plans to build this industry by providing professional-grade, water-treatment and conveyance products that are installed onsite at commercial and industrial properties. The company is leading a new generation of water companies that are committed to serving businesses looking for compact, advanced technologies at the point of use, with modular systems that are shipped to the site and dropped in place.

The benefit of these systems is vast. Once installed, OriginClear water-treatment solutions boost a client’s real-estate asset value as a fundamental capital improvement, provide long-lasting water savings, create self-sufficiency by providing water ownership, offer control over water quality, increase productivity and reduce environmental, health and safety risks from pollution, contamination and corrosion.

OriginClear offers breakthrough water-treatment and conveyance products that effectively improve the quality of water by returning it to its original and clear condition. OCLN’s stated mission is to empower this global movement with products that enable water independence and help make clean water available for all. The company provide modular water-purification systems, storage systems, pump stations, wastewater systems and control systems.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.OriginClear.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to OCLN are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/OCLN

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