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ChineseInvestors.com Inc. (CIIX) CEO Describes Tremendous Opportunity in CBD-Cosmetics to China’s Market of 1.4 Billion Consumers

  • CIIX anticipates launch of hemp-infused wrinkle cream in China
  • Through subsidiary CBD Biotech, CIIX will focus hemp and CBD products on the blooming Chinese market
  • The company noted impressive sales, revenue growth for Q1 2020, greatly due to success of CBD Biotech

ChineseInvestors.com Inc. (OTCQB: CIIX) CEO Warren Wang noted the enormous potential for cosmetics infused with industrial hemp in a RedChip Money Report interview. This sentiment was echoed in his letter to shareholders, where he noted that CBD-infused cosmetics will the company and its subsidiary, CBD Biotech, to a Chinese market of 1.4 billion people. CIIX plans to launch industrial hemp-infused wrinkle cream cosmetics to this market in the near future (http://ibn.fm/4G7xU).

In the interview, Wang outlined the company’s historic presence in China’s’s burgeoning CBD-industry. As the first company to enter the Chinese CBD products market, the move represents tremendous opportunity for CIIX’s CBD division, he said. Additionally, the company has been marketing its CBD products to Chinese-speaking American consumers since it entered the industry in 2017. Wang referenced the incredible market potential of the more than 3.5 million Chinese consumers in the United States, to which CIIX already markets gummies, CBD oil, and CBD-infused cosmetics (http://ibn.fm/EQcsr).

Looking forward, Wang described the company’s intent to diversify its revenue streams in FY2020, planning to focus on its core investor relations business as well as continuing to expand and market its industrial hemp-infused/CBD products in China and the United States. This strategy shows potential for greater revenues and profits, as “the buying power from the Chinese consumer will be huge,” he said.

“While cannabis use in China is illegal, cannabis-based oils including industrial hemp extract may be added to cosmetics, thus opening a potential market of nearly 1.4 billion people for the company,” Wang noted. “As we analyze the legality/trends in other Asian countries, we have an advantage with ‘feet on the ground’ in that part of the world.”

CIIX will also focus in 2020 on its core business of investor relations. It already owns a minority interest in a U.S.-based investment bank, Donald Capital, LLC and is in the process of establishing a “working cooperation” with a private equity firm in China. Wang said, “Both of these relationships are projected to be a source of recurring revenue for years to come.”

This continued emphasis on its CBD arm has led CIIX to impressive revenue reporting. CIIX reported in its 8K filing to the SEC sharply higher revenues for Q1 2020, the three months ended August 31, 2019. Sales jumped to $1,956,960, 174.7% higher than the $712,360 for the same quarter the prior year. Hemp and CBD product revenues drove that increase with a contribution of $948,751 for the 2020 quarter, a 569.2% rise from the $141,764 in Q1 2019 (http://ibn.fm/nArjp).

Additionally, CIIX’s core investor relations business generated $821,361 in Q1 2020, a 200% improvement over the $271,248 the same period the prior year. CIIX has refocused and grown its core business (http://ibn.fm/cltnt).

With an eye toward profitability, CIIX is streamlining its operations and maximizing current resources across the board. As it refocuses on its core investor relations business and diversifies and grows its industrial hemp/infused products in China and the U.S., Wang is optimistic. Wang said, “Although we still have work to do in this regard, with these objectives in mind, with a dedicated and experienced management team, and most importantly, the continued support of our loyal shareholders, we look forward to a healthy FY2020.”

CIIX offers its audience of Chinese-speaking investors real time market commentary, analysis and educational-related services in Chinese character language sets. When asked why investors should put their trust in CIIX, Wang said, “We have been around for 20 years. We put our roots into the United States of America, so I believe people can trust us. We are right here, right now, and local.” CIIX offers investors an inexpensive stock option poised on the brink of tremendous market opportunity in China’s growing CBD-infused cosmetic industry.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.ChineseInvestors.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to CIIX are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/CIIX

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