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Attend Q1 Productions Life Science Regulatory Intelligence Conference

Event Highlights:

  • Perspectives of payers on diagnostic evidence and access
  • Evidence targets for increasing coverage through laboratory benefit management
  • Defining diagnostic value relative to costs for payer networks: generating and applying clinical evidence
  • Increased need for prior authorizations has an impact.
  • Impact of changing health policies on test coverage and reimbursement

Q1 Life Science Regulatory Intelligence Conference brings together specialists from around the world in the fields of global intelligence, strategy, policy, and law to share best practices on regulatory concerns.

Examine how your peers inform internal stakeholders about regulatory changes and competitive intelligence, provide feedback on submissions, and comment on new guidance materials. Moving regulatory expectations, creating an internal sharing point site, and a broader look at global concerns, including working with international health authorities, are all highlighted in case studies and group discussions.

To optimize retention and involvement, this is a two-day session with multiple breaks. The innovative event platform from Q1 Production provides the ultimate virtual experience. Networking tools that are thoughtfully designed and configurable encourage a sense of cooperation and discussion, allowing attendees to develop direct connections.

Why Should You Attend It?

  • You’ll gain firsthand insight into current solutions thanks to a unique experience with professional thinking leaders.
  • Learn about current subjects directly connected to your sector through lively panel discussions, case studies, and real-world proof.
  • We give a forum for your team to ask questions of industry professionals with years of experience. The key to expanding your knowledge and perceiving things in a new light.
  • You and your team will have access to insight and interaction. Collaborate with your peers to overcome common difficulties by drawing on their knowledge and expertise.

Some Event Details

Regulatory teams also inform internal stakeholders about policy developments and the potential effects on each business function as well as the broader organization, in addition to combing through multiple sources to get essential intelligence.

Regulatory intelligence executives create interesting newsletters by integrating important information in a visually appealing manner to keep stakeholders’ attention, and they are sometimes compelled to provide deeper dive reports on more difficult standards, such as EU MDR. All participants will have the opportunity to meet new attendees and connect through engaging conversations, as well as create contacts with peers, during this interactive session, which will kick off the event networking platform.

For more information, please visit https://ibn.fm/qWIXU

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