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Tevva: It’s Time to Shift into a Higher Gear in the Climate Change Fight

During COP26 last November, we saw ambitious plans and commitments being made by governments and companies around the world in an effort to meet the Paris Climate Agreement.

But talk is cheap. We need action, and there really is no time to waste. In the UK, transport, including freight, has become the biggest source of air and noise pollution. That’s why Tevva’s focus has always been to use the latest technology to face down the challenges posed by climate change.

We do technology because it matters and makes a difference to humanity

Tevva’s pledge is to develop sustainable (electric and hydrogen) urban trucks at volume, to address climate change and local air quality issues, and to improve the lives of humanity through innovative transport solutions.

This year, Tevva will begin full production of its all-electric truck, drawing on decades of proven engineering, design and manufacturing experience. The technology will soon hit European roads, providing Tevva customers with a reliable zero-emission solution to accelerate their fleet electrification ambitions.

Tevva trucks will quickly improve the air quality in our cities, eliminating millions of tonnes of harmful emissions over the coming years. Urban areas will begin to breathe a little easier when fossil fuels are removed from the trucking equation.

Rolling out Tevva trucks will, of course, only solve part of the problem. The scale of the task means governments must help as much as they can.

The proposed UK ban on sales of new diesel and petrol commercial vehicles by 2040, like government plans throughout the world, is a positive move. But bringing this deadline forward would have an even bigger impact on carbon reduction.

So too will the recent pledge to extend grants and infrastructure for new electric vehicles. But details of the reported £620 million that’s been promised, including what it will mean for freight and logistics (the industries that Tevva is targeting), remain unclear.

We also need to hear more on government plans to develop green hydrogen. Our hydrogen range-extended trucks use an innovative combination of battery electric and hydrogen technologies to provide a unique answer to range anxiety in commercial EVs.

There is no doubt that society sees such technological progress as positive and that there is almost universal agreement on the need to benefit humanity with ‘greener’ jobs, less pollution and cleaner, quieter streets.

Tevva is lighting the way – in terms of being an innovator and “solution finder” for cleaner technologies. Being an enabler of positive change is part of our proposition and we are committed to supporting our broad stakeholder network of customers, suppliers, strategic partners and local communities as they forge their own paths towards a greener future.

We urge all those in power, as well as our industry partners, to keep in mind that utilising a range of renewable fuels (including green hydrogen) will create a more sustainable foundation for commercial vehicles.

Tevva has the technology and expertise to help build this foundation. We want to work more closely with the British government to make our collective future healthier, safer and more sustainable. Time’s up for talking and bold promises, let’s now shift into a higher gear of action – for everyone’s sake.

This article has been contributed by Tevva. Asher Bennett is Founder and CEO of the company. To learn more, please visit https://www.tevva.com.

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