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Sonoma Biologics, Sought-After Place-Based Designation for High-Quality Cannabis in Sonoma County

  • The name Sonoma is analogous with not only wine country but diversified agriculture, and now ultra-premium cannabis
  • High-end consumers are seeking out place-based designations that they trust and they willing to pay a premium
  • Investors are turning to companies like Sonoma Biologics, who have already established themselves within the competitive California market and have shown themselves capable of scaling up quickly without compromising on product

Sonoma Biologics, an ultra-premium cannabis grower focused on the medicinal and recreational cannabis markets, is on a mission to become one of the largest organic-equivalent, environmentally friendly cannabis suppliers in northern California. The Company utilizes solar energy and is on the path to becoming a certified comparable-to-organic cannabis grower through the OCal program, a statewide certification comparable to the National Organic Program. While California growers are scrambling to keep up with the trends of 2021, Sonoma Biologics has already established itself (https://ibn.fm/Hvsp7).

“We see cannabis being grown in wine country the same way we see Napa and Sonoma grapes being accepted all over the world,” says Paul Caracciolo, Sonoma’s CEO & Co-Founder. “The name Sonoma to me is analogous, not only with wine country, but also with broad diversified agriculture.”

The area is already well known for its exquisite vineyards and the wine they produce. Sonoma county has also established itself as a leader in organic produce and sustainable farming.  High-end and organic-conscious consumers seek out place-based designations for their products in the same way that wine connoisseurs turn to Sonoma for the highest quality of wine.

Anticipating price fluctuation in the market, evolving taxes and difficulty with quality compliance and California regulations, turnover of cannabis businesses is expected in Q3 of 2021 and on. Investors are turning to companies that have already established themselves within the competitive market and have shown themselves capable of scaling up quickly without compromising on product.

Consumers in 2021 are seeking out products that are naturally sun-grown, as opposed to greenhouse and warehouse growth. They are seeking out place-based designations that hold quality certifications. Currently, consumers are willing to pay premium for these products, and California is working to formalize appellations.

“Participating in the CDFA, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, will ensure that customers who see the Sonoma designation on a product label, will instantly understand they are getting the highest quality, sun-grown, natural, pure product,” says Caracciolo (https://ibn.fm/CwoxV).

The team at Sonoma Biologics strongly believes that sun-grown cannabis has different concentrations of terpenes and qualities you won’t find in products grown indoors under artificial light. With multiple outdoor growing locations situated in the heart of California’s wine country, the Company is capable of large-scale, ultra-low-cost production. Management has been in the large-scale agriculture business for the last decade in Sonoma and entered into cannabis in the previous three years. Having passed stringent California quality control regulations for cannabis since beginning, they continue to provide a high-quality, sun-grown, natural, sustainable, pure, and consistent product.

“Our approach is being consistent and finding things that work and sticking to them,” says Caracciolo. “If you look across the crop that we have, all the plants are exactly the same size. It’s the way that you treat them, it’s the spacing, it’s the nutrition you give them.”

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.OwnSonomaBiologics.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to Sonoma are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/Sonoma

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