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Sigyn Therapeutics Inc. (SIGYD) Completes Reverse Stock Split, Releases Year-End Financial Report for 2023

  • Sigyn’s common stock, temporarily trading under the ticker symbol “SIGYD”, is set to revert back to its historic symbol “SIGY” on February 29, 2024.
  • The company, as part of its 2023 Year-End Report, summarized its development of medical technologies that target to overcome clearly defined limitations in global health.
  • During 2023, Sigyn expanded its line-up of medical technologies designed to enhance the benefit of cancer therapies. The company’s cancer treatment pipeline now includes ImmunePrep(TM), ChemoPrep(TM), and ChemoPure(TM).  
  • The company believes the successful clinical advancement of Sigyn Therapy(TM) to treat pathogen-associated conditions beyond the reach of drugs, may offer a strategic competitive advantage within the dialysis industry.

Sigyn Therapeutics (OTCQB: SIGY, SIGYD), a development-stage medical technology company, has released its year-end 2023 financials and additionally disclosed the completion of a 1-for-40 reverse split of its common stock was implemented on January 31, 2024. As a result of this split, Sigyn’s common stock will trade under the ticker symbol “SIGYD” for 20 business days and revert to trading under its historic symbol “SIGY” on February 29, 2024.

According to the annual report filed by the company for the year ending December 31, 2023, Sigyn Therapeutics expanded its therapeutic candidates, introducing ImmunePrep(TM) to improve the delivery of immunotherapeutic antibodies to treat cancer. The company is also developing ChemoPrep(TM) and ChemoPure(TM) to optimize chemotherapy delivery and reduce treatment toxicity. The company further disclosed that clinical site locations for first-in-human studies for Sigyn Therapy(TM) have been identified. Sigyn Therapy(TM) is a novel blood purification technology to treat pathogen-associated conditions that are beyond the reach of drugs. (https://ibn.fm/ppTQT).

Sigyn Therapeutics is developing innovative medical technologies to address critical healthcare challenges. The company’s technologies show promise in improving patient outcomes across various medical conditions, presenting significant market opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Sigyn created each of its technologies with two prerequisites in mind:

  1. The technology must overcome a clearly defined limitation in healthcare
  2. The technology’s successful clinical advancement would offer a potential competitive advantage within an established therapeutic segment

Sigyn Therapy(TM) aims to treat pathogen-associated inflammatory conditions, including drug-resistant viral and bacterial infections, endotoxemia, and sepsis, which is a leading cause of hospital deaths in the US.  The novel blood purification technology is deployed on dialysis machines, and has been demonstrated to remove a broad-spectrum of relevant therapeutic targets human blood plasma.

The company believes the successful clinical advancement of Sigyn Therapy(TM) could offer a strategic competitive advantage within the dialysis industry. First-in-human studies call for the enrollment of dialysis dependent end-stage renal disease (“ESRD”) patients with endotoxemia and concurrent inflammation. These are untreatable conditions associated with cardiovascular disease, a leading cause of ESRD patient deaths. Endotoxemia and inflammation also underlie other common causes of ESRD mortality, including viral and bacterial infections that induce sepsis.

A strategy that extended the lives of ESRD patients may be of considerable value to the dialysis industry when considering that more than 550,000 individuals suffer from ESRD in the United States alone. (https://ibn.fm/lmDib).

The ImmunePrep(TM) platform introduces a strategy to enhance the performance of immunotherapeutic antibodies through the elimination of circulating decoys that sequester or block cancer treatment antibodies from reaching their intended tumor cell targets.   While more than 1,000 therapeutic antibodies are being evaluated in human studies, Sigyn believes the ImmunePrep(TM) platform establishes the first strategy to eliminate the circulating decoys that limit the benefit of these highly valued drug agents.

ChemoPrep(TM) and ChemoPure(TM) are designed to overcome a delivery limitation and reduce toxicity of chemotherapy. ChemoPrep(TM) reduces the circulating presence of interference factors that inhibit chemotherapy from being delivered to intended cancer cell targets, while ChemoPure(TM) eliminates off-target chemotherapy to reduce patient toxicity and minimize organ damage.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.SigynTherapeutics.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to SIGY are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/SIGY

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