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Sharing Services Global Corporation (SHRG) Offers Independence, Flexibility and Happiness

  • More than 125 direct-selling experts met with members of Congress to encourage support of the Preserving the Direct Seller Independence Act
  • Flexibility is a driving force behind individuals becoming direct sellers
  • SHRG focuses on elevating the lives of its Elepreneurs through its superior products and services

On September 18, more than 125 executives and independent direct sellers gathered on Capitol Hill to represent 19 Direct Selling Association (DSA) member businesses and over six million entrepreneurs. Participants met with members of Congress to support the passage of H.R. 3522 (http://ibn.fm/g3vbT), the Preserving the Direct Seller Independence Act. Together, they emphasized the importance of protecting independent workers and discussed the benefits direct selling has brought to millions of Americans. Participants spoke with nearly 100 Congress members, urging them to maintain the independent contractor status for all direct sellers. Sharing Services Global Corporation (OTCQB: SHRG), a diversified holdings company, is working to elevate these home-based entrepreneurs.

“As we see more people choosing independent work in today’s economy, it’s important that we recognize that all independent work is not the same,” DSA President and CEO Joseph N. Mariano stated in a Direct Selling News article (http://ibn.fm/G7EWK). “Choice is a critical distinction to make, and H.R. 3522 preserves direct sellers’ ability to choose the products they want to sell, the customers they engage with, and the hours they will work – and make those decisions based on their own needs, responsibilities, and aspirations.”

SHRG provides independent direct sellers with the resources necessary to succeed in the quickly growing global direct-sales market.

SHRG offers a wide range of products and services in the health and wellness area. Using what it calls the Blue Ocean Strategy, the company focuses on three main components: elevating home-based entrepreneurs, generating organic growth and creating independent business leaders.

The 2019 DSA National Salesforce Study identified flexibility as the driving force behind individuals choosing to become direct sellers. Elepreneurs, SHRG’s coined term for independent representatives, find freedom through much-needed services and features that other direct-selling companies often lack. Elepreneurs LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of SHRG that offers and sells health and wellness products through the direct-selling model.

SHRG focuses on elevating the lives of its independent sales representatives through a variety of products and services. Sharing Services has created a flexible business model that encourages goal setting for health to enhance the happiness of its independent representatives. SHRG is on a mission to serve others, promote happiness, encourage healthier lifestyles and redefine what it means to be wealthy. Those who desire the flexible, independent lifestyles found in direct selling through SHRG gain access to inspiring seminars, classes and workshops that provide training in every area necessary to assist them in being successful.

Even Sharing Service’s product line, Elevacity, is formulated to increase happiness and health. Harvard University has been studying happiness since 1938, and SHRG has paid attention to the university’s findings: Success does not fuel happiness, happiness fuels success. Elevacity Global LLC’s product line is designed to elevate mood, create connection, increase energy and provide focus and clarity. The comprehensive training the company provides for its Elepreneurs isn’t the only thing that sets SHRG apart; the company’s commitment to elevate the lives of all who come in contact with Sharing Services creates a distinct difference. Happiness, flexibility and independence are at the heart of everything Sharing Services offers.

Headquartered out of a 10,000-square-foot facility in Plano, Texas, SHRG has planned for future expansion. Customer-service facilities, operations and training rooms, and a video-production suite are currently available onsite, with room for growth in each area. In addition, SHRG is looking forward to international expansion. The Elevacity line of products is currently available in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.SHRGInc.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to SHRG are available in the company’s newsroom at  http://ibn.fm/SHRG

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