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Propagation of Digital Technology Expected to Help Zenergy Brands, Inc.’s (ZNGY) Energy Efficiency Program Reach More People

  • Innovative technologies and smart solutions are becoming more affordable and reaching more people
  • Higher levels of awareness about environmental impact are also making numerous entities (both businesses and home owners) seek smart solutions
  • Zenergy Brands is making such solutions even more easily accessible due to the development of its no upfront payment Zero Cost Program

Home automation, virtual reality – these were technologies perceived as science fiction just a few decades ago. Today, the affordability of digital technologies is making them more widely accessible. Such technological trends make it easier for companies like Zenergy Brands, Inc. (OTC: ZNGY) to reach a more significant number of potential consumers interested in energy conservation and efficiency.

Zenergy Brands, an energy and technology company, offers smart energy utility and resource conservation solutions. It works with both residential and enterprise customers to enable the achievement of sustainability goals while clients are also reducing their carbon footprints.

The Zero Cost Program developed by the company was officially launched at the end of June 2017. The program involves the installation of smart controls, retrofits and energy conservation technologies to reduce consumption and optimize performance in business premises.

Residential customers also have a host of solutions from which to choose – from home automation to monitoring and internet-controlled energy efficiency tech. These belong to the Residential Suite Program, which is similar to Zero Cost in regard to terms, conditions and energy efficiency benefits.

The most significant benefit of both programs is that they enable the client to make use of the offering without incurring an out-of-pocket expense. The service contract is performance-based. Under the terms of the agreement, the customer pays a portion of the savings produced via program participation to Zenergy. There are no upfront payments, which simplifies participation and will potentially increase the adoption of the Zero Cost/Residential Suite Program improvements.

Based on current information, the expected reduction in energy consumption after inclusion in the programs is set at 20 to 60 percent.

Monitoring reports suggest that the Zero Cost installations perform better than initial forecasts. Their performance was superior even in cases when weather conditions were more severe than the baseline data.

As awareness about sustainability increases, the need for energy efficiency solutions is bound to grow. The importance of energy efficiency in economic terms is also significant. Recent analysis suggests that energy efficiency has provided three times more economical services than the energy production industry since the 1970s (http://ibn.fm/ZR8kQ). This means that, in the U.S., economic productivity is much more closely tied to energy efficiency solutions than to the production of electricity.

The global market for energy efficient building solutions is expected to grow from $227.4 billion in 2017 to nearly $360.6 billion in 2026 (http://ibn.fm/XzeRJ). The energy efficient devices market is also anticipated to grow rapidly and reach a volume of $908.49 billion in 2022 (http://ibn.fm/WhiDu).

Zenergy makes it possible for both homeowners and businesses to make use of smart building solutions, as well as energy efficiency technologies. Apart from focusing on energy efficiency, Zenergy has also been working consistently toward helping customers reduce their carbon footprints and strengthen their bottom lines.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.ZenergyBrands.com

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