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Pacific Software Inc. (PFSF) Creating a Transparent Supply Chain to Eliminate “Zombie Meat”

  • Company aims to make international trade safer for consumers
  • Pacific Software is targeting “zombie meat” (meat from unmonitored sources and possibly exceeding expiration dates) and the health risks that it creates
  • Company’s software aims to improve the transparency of supply chains across industries and international borders

Emerging technology corporation Pacific Software Inc. (OTC: PFSF) is strategically positioned for investments, mergers and acquisitions of software technology and platforms. This Toronto-based corporation with a regional office in Hong Kong is poised to deliver a B2B and B2C e-commerce portal. The company is improving product traceability and digitizing the trade process. Finally, by providing various digital solutions, applications and tools that track the origin of products to the sale, Pacific Software is making international trade safer for consumers.

Pacific Software is currently focused on the development and early 2019 launch of BOAPIN.com, an e-commerce trading platform that focuses on cross-border trade expansion, linking Brazilian agriculture suppliers to China. While PFSF is targeting several key industries, including agriculture, fertilizers, chemicals, cosmetics, electronics, equipment, apparel and controlled substance management, its immediate focus lies on beef exports. China has an urgent need for increased transparency in this industry to diminish the “zombie meat” and tainted meat that cross its borders.

China is one of the world’s top meat consumers, and beef is regularly smuggled into the country to meet that demand. However, without proper oversight, this meat is often well past the expiration date, earning it the moniker “zombie meat.” The China Food and Drug Administration reported that, in 2013, frozen chicken claws were smuggled into the country that dated back to 1967. In 2015, authorities seized 100,000 tons of smuggled frozen meat that was reported to be possibly 40 years old (http://ibn.fm/mT0yc). Old and tainted meat clearly presents serious health risk factors. BOAPIN.com will aim to address this problem by providing supply chain transparency and accountability, as well as guaranteeing the safety of products.

PFSF has a strong working relationship with IBM (http://ibn.fm/KPQ4A), which has provided expertise on supply chain implementations. Because of this relationship, Pacific Software has been able to leverage a variety of technologies across multiple verticals and utilize IBM’s Hyperledger Blockchain Backend as a Service (BaaS) infrastructure to target farm-to-table beef exports.

The BOAPIN.com portal is expected to include blockchain solutions, smart contracts with a search interface, digital marketing and fintech applications. This emerging technology has vast application potential, and PFSF is helping to lead the way in creating a more transparent supply chain across industries and international borders.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.PacificSoftwareInc.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to PFSF are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/PFSF

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