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MustGrow Biologics Corp. (CSE: MGRO) Pursuing Health Canada Approval for its Natural Biopesticide Products Targeting Cannabis Cultivation

  • Health Canada is enforcing mandatory cannabis testing for the presence of pesticide active ingredients; unauthorized pesticide use can result in seizure or recall of product, suspension/revocation of licenses and penalties of up to $1 million
  • MustGrow is seeking Health Canada approval for its patented biopesticide as a natural, pre-pot soil treatment for soil-borne pests and diseases that affect cannabis production
  • A joint research and development program with the National Research Council Canada is underway, with a focus on the efficacy of MustGrow’s biopesticides for use in cannabis production
  • MustGrow’s safe and effective natural products are EPA- and PRMA-approved and registered for use on fruits, vegetables, turf and ornamental crops

MustGrow Biologics Corp. (CSE: MGRO), an agricultural biotech company developing and commercializing a portfolio of natural biopesticides and biofertilizer products for the cannabis industry, is continuing its joint research and development program with the National Research Council Canada (NRC). The NRC is an agency of the government of Canada whose research and development divisions are focused on supporting innovation efforts in key industry sectors, including the rapidly expanding cannabis marketplace (http://ibn.fm/gCar2).

MustGrow’s biopesticide R&D program with the NRC targets an issue plaguing licensed cannabis producers who must follow regulatory guidelines when it comes to using pesticides or pest control products (“PCP”) in growing and manufacturing cannabis products. Under the Cannabis Act, license holders may only use certain PCPs that have been approved for use on cannabis by the Pest Management and Regulatory Agency (http://ibn.fm/liqhz).

MustGrow and the NRC are conducting a series of efficacy assessments of MustGrow’s patented natural biopesticide as a natural pre-plant, pre-pot soil treatment for soil-borne pests and diseases that affect cannabis production (http://ibn.fm/T5jTD). MustGrow’s products are refined from compounds of the mustard plant, utilizing the plant’s natural defense mechanism as a pre-plant soil biopesticide treatment (http://ibn.fm/UAulS) and are shown to deliver effective pathogen and pest control to ensure plant growth and high yields in a variety of agricultural settings (http://ibn.fm/zsuSl).

Canada’s licensed producers (LPs) are required by law to demonstrate that no unauthorized pesticides were used on their products or contaminated them (http://ibn.fm/oo6wQ), and mandatory testing is underway to ensure that LPs comply. Failure of Health Canada’s sampling and testing program for unauthorized pest control products could result in product seizure or destruction, recall of products sold, suspension or revocation of the firm’s license, or a monetary penalty of up to C$1 million, according to Health Canada.

Through MustGrow’s eventual suite of biostimulant/biofertilizer offerings, Canadian cannabis license holders may have access to products that aid in the production of compliant, pest-free cannabis. MustGrow’s science-based suite of signature products have already demonstrated control of many soil-borne diseases and pests that affect cannabis production, including Botrytis (grey mold), Pythium root rot, Rhizoctonia fungus, Fusarium, nematodes, Verticillium wilt, Phytophthora root rot and Sclerotinia. MustGrow’s products are recognized as safe and are EPA- and PRMA-approved for use on fruits and vegetables.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.MustGrow.ca

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to MGRO are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/MGRO

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