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Knightscope Robot Sentries Set Public Safety Response in Gear with AI-enabled Efficiency

  • Data have shown that even open, public spaces are not exempted when it comes to criminal activity that can be threatening or harmful to others
  • Tech pioneer Knightscope has created self-driving security robots that can safely patrol indoor and outdoor public areas, helping to deter crime and collect important information in the process
  • The company’s CEO will be interviewed by IPO and hedge fund managers during a virtual fireside chat event Dec. 9 to talk about MaaS solutions in the security field
  • Knightscope is not listed on a public exchange, but its shares are available for purchase through its Reg A+ offering
  • The company’s production lineup includes a stationary machine, an indoor robot and an outdoor robot sentry that are equipped with features such as 360-degree eye-level HD streaming video, people detection and facial recognition features, automatic license plate recognition, thermal anomaly detection, and automatic signal detection

The National Crime Victimization Survey (“NCVS”), which obtains data each year from crime victims about the circumstances of the incident, noted in a report on the location of criminal incidents between 2004 and 2008 that at the time almost 1 in 5 violent crimes took place in open areas such as yards, playgrounds, fields, on the street or in other similar locations, and almost 1 in 5 violent crimes took place in open areas such as yards, playgrounds, fields, on the street or in other similar locations (https://ibn.fm/EKTdD).

While more up-to-date data isn’t available, data from even 15 years ago demonstrate real-life concerns about the potential for crimes to occur even in public locations. Knightscope, an autonomous security robot (“ASR”) developer based in California’s Silicon Valley, has built its technologies from the ground up in response to the nation’s safety needs and with an eye on cost-competitive solutions.

Knightscope’s sentinel solution to crime detection and prevention includes its lineup of K1 stationary machines, K3 indoor machines and K5 outdoor machines. The artificial intelligence-enhanced sentries are designed to record a tremendous amount of information while serving as a crime deterrent in function simply by being present.

The roving machines can also communicate using recordings or live-transmitted messages. In the process, they present a non-threatening security patrol that is nonetheless a capable deployment in combating criminal activity on the front lines.

The sentries have already been credited with helping investigators to solve crimes and with helping to reduce the amount of criminal activity some public places such as parking lots experience. They have also helped detect a heat spike before a fire erupted. Clients include hospitals, Fortune 1000 companies, law enforcement agencies and most recently the federal government’s Veterans Administration (https://ibn.fm/7Z26X).

Knightscope will discuss its vision for the Machine-as-a-Service (“MaaS”) industry in a fireside chat Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 2 p.m. EST. The event will last about an hour with time for questions from the virtual audience, hosted by IPO Edge in partnership with The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association, a Florida trade association for financial professionals and ultra high net worth investors (https://ibn.fm/J4GUd).

Knightscope is not publicly traded on national exchanges, but its shares are open to purchase by the public all the same through its Reg A+ offering.

“A lot of larger institutional investors will say, … ‘You have 7,000 investors, they must be driving you mad,’” CEO William Santana Li said during an interview earlier this year with StartEngine strategic adviser Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful (https://ibn.fm/tzw76). “I tell them, ‘Listen, chief security officers of major corporations are investors of ours. NYPD detectives, FBI, CIA, DHS, vice presidents of leasing of major malls. I would never dare trade out our 7,000 investors for three or four guys (it’s mostly guys) sitting around a table asking the wrong questions, worried about all the wrong things.”  As of this writing, investors backing Knightscope now top well in excess of 16,000.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.Knightscope.com.

Visit www.Knightscope.com/invest for a summary of Knightscope as an investment, with a blue Instant Messaging button for direct contact with their CEO.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to Knightscope are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/Knight

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