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Internet Commerce Evolution in Spotlight at Web3 Berlin Conference, With Focus on NFT, Crypto, Development 

As the Internet becomes a worldwide driver of communication and culture, enthusiasts from diverse business and entertainment backgrounds continue working toward the Internet’s evolution into a content ownership, decentralized community known as Web3.

The leadership team behind the inaugural Web3 Berlin (“W3B”) conference is determined to see it become Europe’s largest gathering of innovators in the Web3 ecosystem with gatherings on an annual basis.

The two-day event will take place at Berlin’s Estrel Congress Center (“ECC”) on June 10-11, hosting hundreds of speakers and panelists, exhibitor spaces, networking opportunities and a variety of side events such as a gamer gathering, a hackathon competition, NFT-centered parties and crypto community strategy sessions.

The Web3 evolution is ultimately designed to unleash greater utility and self-determination for users of the Internet while bringing a more level financial and technological playing field to even remote populations around the world. It’s a progression of the Internet from the original read-only content sharing model to today’s read-write content sharing, to tomorrow’s read-write-own approach to information and commerce.

The W3B conference will logically include a focus on decentralized finance (Defi), crypto universe developments as markets continue to fluctuate with some uncertainty, and the investment culture opportunities that non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) represent as the opportunity ecosystem continues to expand.

The conference’s engaging side event activities are designed to turn the gathering into a lifestyle experience reflective of Berlin’s multicultural and history-making persona. Gamers, venture capitalists, hackers and CEOs can all be found under one roof, working toward a somewhat singular purpose as seasoned industry insiders and newcomers alike.

A VIP ticket tier is available to make the event extra productive for those seeking opportunities to network in a space amenable to relaxation over food and drinks.

Key takeaways:

  • Located at one of Europe’s primary multicultural hubs
  • A speaker and panel profile of 300 CEOs, financial strategists and event builders
  • Forums for focusing on NFT investment, crypto community building and the decentralized finance (Defi) vision of blockchain
  • Side events include a hackathon competition for developers
  • A gaming space for players to connect and view the latest developments
  • More than 8,000 people expected to attend
  • Specialized opportunities for networking

Behind the Scenes:

The team establishing the W3B conference’s B3B infrastructure includes an energetic and diverse group of employees and advisers focused on content creation and Web3 culture. Many of them hail from backgrounds in Poland’s international gateway economy, but reflect commercial and web marketing experience built throughout Europe and Asia.

For more information about this event, please visit https://ibn.fm/51rTg.

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