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HYB Holding Corp. (HYBG) Subsidiary Tech Transforms Ultrasound Images, Improves Patient Diagnosis and Care

  • With Mediscan, the option of having scanning equipment at patient’s location is becoming increasingly viable
  • Patent-pending Mediscan software converts ultrasound analog 2D grayscale image into digital 3D HD format
  • Software can generate quality 3D medical images of broad variety of organs, including heart, lungs, tendons, skin and nerves

Since its introduction into the world of medicine, the ultrasound has become one of the most efficient, reliable ways to examine the human body in a noninvasive way. And now, this medical mainstay has become even more essential in providing quality care — proprietary technology from HYB Holding (OTC: HYBG) subsidiary Mediscan Inc. can transform traditional 2D images from a portable ultrasound machine into invaluable 3D images to provide even more accurate internal views and, consequently, better diagnosis and health care.

“Ultrasounds give an accurate image of body parts in the least amount of time, and even allow the patient to experience real-time results,” reported a recent Mediscan blog. “In fact, [ultrasounds] can produce a high-definition image in less than ten seconds.”

That turnaround time is impressive, especially when compared to technologies such as CTs and MRIs, which can take anywhere from 24 hours to an entire week before results are available. The speed of ultrasounds becomes even more critical during emergencies, when the ability to have point-of-care ultrasound (“POCUS”) can save lives. Thanks to Mediscan, the option of having scanning equipment at a patient’s location — whether that is in an ambulance, at an assisted-living facility or even at a patient’s own home — is becoming increasingly viable.

Fundamentally, the Mediscan software converts an ultrasound analog 2D grayscale image into a digital 3D HD format. This transformation can take place in traditional ultrasound locations; the Mediscan application integrates with all popular EMR systems. In addition, because the software is designed to pair with portable ultrasound machines, it can be used in less traditional settings. The exclusive software can provide valuable insight to on-the-scene medical professionals, such primary care physicians, specialists and technical support staff, as well as sports trainers, emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, and technicians in isolation wards and emergency rooms.

The process is simple. This patent-pending, cloud-based software application for ultrasound devices is easy to use wherever the internet is available. Once an image has been captured in 2D, it is converted using a cloud-based software application process. The now-3D image can be viewed on a computer monitor, pad or smartphone at the point of service, providing the convenience of point-of-care ultrasound with the image quality of CT or X-ray and the safety of expensive MRI technology. The software can generate quality 3D medical images of a broad variety of organs, including the heart, lungs, tendons, skin and nerves.

HYB Holding, through its subsidiary Mediscan Inc., offers technology that can transform 2D images from a portable ultrasound machine into digital 3D images to provide better diagnosis and more accurate internal trauma views. The technology has multiple applications in lung, cardiac and musculoskeletal imaging and related uses.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.MyMediScan.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to HYBG are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/HYBG

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