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HTC Extraction Systems (TSX.V: HTC) Expanding on its Buildout and Biomass Drying Infrastructure

  • In a chairman announcement, HTC Extraction Systems shed some light on the ongoing expansion of its buildout and biomass drying infrastructure
  • The company also discussed the unexpectedly fast growth of its hemp crops in Saskatchewan
  • Additional testing suggests that the main plant variety forming the largest portion of the harvest will contain higher-than-anticipated CBD levels

HTC PureEnergy Inc. (TSX.V: HTC) (dba HTC Extraction Systems), an advanced extraction and purification technology company, announced on July 31, 2019, that its hemp crops in Saskatchewan have grown at an advanced rate that exceeds expectations. Additionally, testing of the plant variety that makes up over 60 percent of the harvest shows higher than anticipated CBD levels.

The company is actively working to expand the capacity of its buildout and biomass drying infrastructure. As per a recent HTC Extraction Systems chairman message, the dryer’s bag house has been installed, the control office trailer and the conveyor belt have been delivered and the propane tank pad has been placed.

Currently, HTC Extraction Systems is in the exterior lockup phase of the extraction building. The drying and processing system is scheduled to go live on April 15.

HTC Extraction Systems and the company’s subsidiaries have developed proprietary gas, liquid and biomass extraction and purification systems that have been designed to extract from gas, liquids and biomass for the distillation and purification of ethanol and ethanol-based solvents used for the generation of clean energy and within the hemp/biomass industries.

One of the primary focal points in the HTC Extraction Systems operations is environmental sustainability. Through its proprietary technologies, the company is rapidly moving toward reducing its environmental footprint and relying on reduce, reuse, recycle methodologies.

A few examples of the advanced HTC Extraction Systems technologies include LCDesign(TM) (low cost design for modular gas, liquid and biomass extraction systems), PDO Engine(TM) (software-based design algorithms that can accurately model biomass extraction processing) and Data Solvents(TM) (custom-designed ethanol-based solvent mixtures and additives that optimize production and reduce costs).

Currently, HTC Extraction Systems is working on its seeded hemp and biomass drying infrastructure, as well as the GMP Euro-certified extraction, purification and refining center.

In June 2019, HTC Extraction Systems announced a hemp biomass tolling agreement involving the supply of hemp biomass for the 2019 crop year from its hemp grown in Saskatchewan. The company utilizes five varieties of Health Canada-approved cultivars as the genetic foundation. Initial estimates suggest that the company will be processing five million kilograms of hemp biomass and extracting CBD FSO distillate.

As a tolling fee payment, HTC Extraction Systems will be receiving a percentage of the extracted CBD FSO distillate.

HTC Extraction Systems is negotiating its entry into a tolling contract with a 60,000-acre Canadian farm leader and recognized producer. Upon its finalization, the agreement is expected to remain valid until 2021.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.HTCExtraction.com

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