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Green Hygienics Holdings Inc.’s (GRYN) Proprietary Cultivation Technology Helps Cement Company’s Leading Position in Cannabis Market

  • The cannabis sector is set for exponential growth in the years to come, which has driven numerous companies to initiate large-scale production; the scope, however, is far less important than the cost-efficiency of the process
  • Companies like Green Hygienics Holdings have competitive advantage due to proprietary high-tech cultivation technologies; these maximize yield and reduce the cost per unit
  • Because of its investment in innovative cultivation methods, Green Hygienics has established an excellent position within the premium cannabis market

As the regulatory framework has changed dramatically over the past few years, the number of companies entering the cannabis sector has increased exponentially. In 2017 alone, there were 28,000 companies active in the field in the United States (http://ibn.fm/o0Jyf). Growth continued throughout 2018, when the legal marijuana industry reached $10.4 billion and created over a quarter of a million jobs (http://ibn.fm/VsXVb).

Large-scale U.S. and Canadian producers are building massive greenhouses and cultivation facilities to position themselves favorably in anticipation of future industry growth. Large-scale production is already driving prices down in the states that lack license limitations. As a result, experts have concluded that cost-efficient cannabis cultivation will be the primary driver for success, rather than the scope of facilities (http://ibn.fm/tTfaR).

As large producers bring the cost of cannabis down, companies that have a high yield and a low production price will be the ones that will rise to the surface. Sustainable, high yield production is heavily dependent on cultivation method and the utilization of the right technology.

Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: GRYN) is already capitalizing on its proprietary cultivation technique. New developments have turned the company into a science-driven cultivation leader as it employs aeroponics-based techniques.

Aeroponics-based cultivation has nutrients delivered directly to the exposed roots of the cannabis plant. The root does not touch soil, rocks or a growth medium, which enhances control over every aspect of cannabis cultivation. This method significantly increases growing efficiency, with the cost per unit being brought down to less than one dollar. In comparison, indoor cultivation competitors have a cost per unit in the range of two to four dollars.

Green Hygienics Holdings also aims to obtain a better quality cannabis plant, enabling the company to establish itself as a leader on the premium market. The company targets the high-end medical and recreational cannabis markets through the creation of first-rate products and distinctive brands.

Finally, aeroponics allows for the conservation of resources – a factor that establishes the company’s green image and contributes to the reduction of production costs. Aeroponical cannabis cultivation preserves approximately 90-95 percent of the water that would be required in traditional production settings.

On top of relying on its proprietary cultivation method, Green Hygienics also focuses on quality control equipment that improves its market position even further. Green Hygienics employs commercial cultivation equipment and software solutions that enable constant monitoring of product growth and an immediate intervention in the event of a problem.

Green Hygienics Holdings is a full-scope premium cannabis cultivation company with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is establishing its operations in San Diego to benefit from the lucrative, $5-billion California cannabis market.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.GreenHygienicsHoldings.com

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