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Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. (GRYN) Obtains the First Hemp Cultivation and Processing Licenses in the State of Michigan

  • The company excels at cultivation and works to control its own supply chain in order to ensure certified organic products and quality for hemp-derived CBD and marijuana
  • Green Hygienics Holdings’ mission is to provide best-in-class medical and recreational consumers with premier cannabis products

A full-scope, premium cannabis cultivation business, Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: GRYN) is establishing itself as a leader in the advancement of science-driven cannabis cultivation systems. The company’s goal is to provide medical and recreational consumers with the best possible product and experience.

Green Hygienics recently announced that it has secured licenses for the cultivation and processing of hemp in the state of Michigan (http://ibn.fm/tv2V9). These licenses were granted to its two wholly owned subsidiaries, Green Hygienics Michigan LLC and Coastal Labs Michigan LLC. The licenses were granted under the Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development (“MDARD”) Industrial Hemp Ag-Pilot Program launched by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

“Obtaining these licenses is complementary to our mission of becoming a leader in the advancement of science-driven cannabis cultivation systems,” Green Hygienics’ VP of Business Development Matt Dole said in a news release. “Michigan’s strong farming community produces 300 different commodities on a commercial basis, and we are pleased to be part of its continued growth.”

The company’s long-term goals include expanding its portfolio of brands, first across the United States and then worldwide. Green Hygienics Holdings has its corporate headquarters in Poway, California.

Green Hygienics Holdings’ operational strategy is grouped into four levels.

  • The first level is cultivation, and this is where the company excels in both hemp and marijuana cultivation. The company’s science team is made up of an extraordinary group with years of experience. They ensure certified organic products and quality for hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) and marijuana. Green Hygienics is using the advantages of hybrid aeroponics to create a sterile growing environment, which produces consistent, high-quality product while maintaining the lowest possible carbon footprint. The company has integrated and is developing its own IP (intellectual property) assets related to proprietary systems and apparatus, software, algorithms and custom-engineered hardware. The result is definitive efficiencies in a commercially controlled cultivation environment. Leveraging hybrid aeroponics, Green Hygienics uses high-tech, quality-controlled commercial cultivation methodologies to assure production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis at considerably higher yields and greatly decreased costs. Hybrid aeroponics produces first-class cannabis quicker than traditional methods. In addition, it doesn’t necessitate natural sunlight or soil. Moreover, it can be operational and produce plants anywhere.
  • The second level is processing, which focuses on staying as close to whole or organic as possible. Green Hygienics Holdings recently announced that it has executed an LOI with foremost CBD processor Coastal Labs LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada (http://ibn.fm/7z4Xr). Coastal Labs provides state-of-the-art extraction techniques and equipment for the cannabis industry. Furthermore, it provides wholesale distribution for clients looking to buy in bulk. With this acquisition of Coastal Labs, Green Hygienics is primed to add one of the leading labs in North America to its brand portfolio.
  • The third level is dedicated to branding and brand acquisitions. The company suggests that interested parties visit its website and sign up to receive announcements.
  • The fourth is Mad Marketing; there’s much more to come from this company!

Green Hygienics Holdings continues to advance its mission to provide consumers with high-quality and premium-grade cannabis products. For investors, the company’s dedication to growth through the creation of trusted international consumer brands offers the potential for significant return on investment. Green Hygienics is also working to grow in size and revenue by building a cultivation and extraction center in Canada, where legislation supports worldwide distribution.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.GreenHygienicsHoldings.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to GRYN are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/GRYN

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