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Golden Developing Solutions Inc. (DVLP) Announces Record-Breaking “Where’s Weed” Transactions of $18 Million in 2018

  • The company plans a nationwide expansion of its Where’s Weed segment and related assets
  • Total sales force expected to triple so as to cover the entire U.S. market, while network of distributors and dispensaries integrated into the Where’s Weed mobile platform will also grow
  • Where’s Weed’s rapid growth is coinciding with legislative changes in the U.S. that are anticipated to stimulate the significant expansion of the legal cannabis industry over the coming years

Golden Developing Solutions Inc. (OTC: DVLP), an emerging leader in the cannabis, hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) marketplace, has announced a broad nationwide expansion of its Where’s Weed platform and its primary assets – the www.WheresWeed.com website and the Where’s Weed mobile app. The online and mobile cannabis services hub enables fast and efficient discovery, as well as purchases of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

The expansion is a result of the record-breaking transactional volume of $18 million achieved by Where’s Weed in 2018. Due to the popularity and considerable growth of Where’s Weed, the company will also triple its sales force, according to a press release issued on January 17 (http://ibn.fm/EUdRa). The aim of this expansion is to help cover the entire U.S. market and build a growing network of partner dispensaries and distributors integrated with the Where’s Weed web/mobile platform.

Where’s Weed is growing at a rapid pace, and, as the Federal Farm Bill is changing the legislative landscape in the U.S., Golden Developing Solutions is willing to work even harder on fueling that growth, as noted by CEO Stavros Triant.

Commenting on the benefits of the platform, Triant said that “as far as we know, [Where’s Weed is] absolutely the best way to guarantee that the dispensary you go to will give you the product you want. Without searching and locating the product and pre-purchasing it over the Where’s Weed mobile platform, you may waste an hour of your time and end up finding that what you want has just sold out before you get there.”

According to Golden Developing Solutions management, the powerful growth of Where’s Weed has triggered important network effect benchmarks that outline the potential for dominance in the niche of cannabis location, purchase and delivery app services online and on mobile. The implementation of a minor usage fee is currently being considered as a possibility for the monetization of the Where’s Weed platform.

Apart from announcing the successful performance of Where’s Weed, Golden Developing Solutions has also hinted at an expansion of the company’s overall presence in the legal cannabis sector. Golden Developing Solutions will be making a major addition to its core business model that will be presented over the coming weeks.

Where’s Weed was developed in 2017, with the www.WheresWeed.com website launching in 2018. Within a single year, the performance of the brand exceeded expectations, with over 76,000 separate orders placed. Golden Developing Solutions completed its acquisition of Where’s Weed at the end of September 2018.

Golden Developing Solutions is developing an online retail business for CBD, health oil and wellness-related products, offering a wide range of high-quality products via its joint venture partner, Pura Vida Vitamins (www.PuraVidaVitamins.com). In addition, the company runs its own ancillary software division (www.GreenerGrows.org), launched in 2018, which enables cannabis growers to get valuable industry information and to communicate effortlessly with each other via a digital channel.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.GoldenDeveloping.com

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