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Emaginos Inc. Offers Investors Potential to Solve Problems, See Return on Investment

  • Emaginos is committed to solving two major education problems
  • Investing in Emaginos provides an opportunity to do good and do well, says company president
  • Company plans to transform America’s public schools to a more effective model based on a carefully integrated set of proven best practices

Emaginos, a company raising new capital under provisions of Regulation A of the Securities Act of 1933 (please see website if interested in investing), is seeking $3 million to begin the transformation of the K-12 education system in the United States. Based on the company’s proprietary Discover Learning System (“DLS”), Emaginos offers investors an opportunity to attempt to realize return on their investment while fixing one of the nation’s fundamental problems — its educational system.

Emaginos is committed to solving two major problems, according to a recent President’s blog (https://ibn.fm/xhXyg). “The first is fixing . . . the outdated and test-bound K-12 public school system,” writes Emaginos president Allan Jones. “The second is enabling teachers and parents to benefit financially from the transformation – doing good while doing well.”

Jones explains what doing good while doing well means: “Doing good refers to behaving altruistically or charitably. Doing well refers to being financially secure,” he writes. “Looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy (https://ibn.fm/UZisi) tells us that instinctually we have to focus on doing well before we can consider doing good. Investing in Emaginos provides an opportunity to do both simultaneously.”

In his blog, Jones notes that “you don’t need to be a researcher to be aware that America’s public schools are failing to meet the 21st-century educational needs of our children and, therefore, of our country’s future. The current lack of digital and educational equity inherent in America’s K-12 public education system is a shameful disgrace. The ‘teach-to-the-test’ and related reliance on high-stakes testing is turning off our children and driving dedicated teachers from their chosen profession. At the same time, profiteers and elected officials have realized they can use (or abuse) our schools for their financial or political gain.

“Along comes Emaginos,” Jones continues. “Our plan is to transform America’s public schools to a more effective model based on a carefully integrated set of proven best practices. Note that we are not seeking to create more charter schools. We are not seeking to take over and operate schools. We are not seeking to eliminate teachers’ unions.”

So what is Emaginos’s strategy?

Emaginos uses existing facilities, staff, students and faculty, explains Jones. “We provide them a comprehensive transformational suite of services and resources that enable the local schools to become engaging learning environments producing entrepreneurial lifelong self-directed learners. Teachers run the schools.”

As far as cost, Emaginos products and services require an initial cost to develop, but once developed, they can be sold many times at very low incremental cost. “The first schools will break even,” Jones explains. “Subsequent schools or districts will provide the same revenue but cost progressively less to transform and support. Any profits will enable Emaginos investors to potentially realize a return on their investments as we continue to improve our products and services and grow the business.”

The opportunity to both earn a profit and fix a fundamental problem in the country today is an unusual proposition in the world of investing. Jones’s invitation is simple: “If you are interested in joining us in doing good for our students while possibly realizing a return on investment, go to https://Emaginos.com/reasons-to-invest to learn more.”

For more information about Emaginos and to learn about investment and shareholder opportunities, visit www.Emaginos.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to Emaginos are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/Emaginos

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