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DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DRIO) Platform Meets Patients’, Physicians’ Remote Care Needs Amid Pandemic

  • DarioHealth Corp. is a digital therapeutics innovator that supplies remote monitoring technology to caregivers and their patients
  • The company’s Remote Patient Monitoring (“RPM”) technology reports patient data to care providers in the clinical setting and if necessary provides occasional “nudges” to patients to maintain their level of care
  • DarioHealth began working in North America with two agreements announced in June, and in July began offering its solutions to the United Kingdom and Ireland thanks to a third agreement
  • Such remote services have been increasingly in demand amid the ongoing global pandemic, regarded as a solution for minimizing the risk of exposure to viral infections and improving hospitals’ capacity to accept the most critical care needs

When the novel coronavirus began to create a surge of infections during the spring in the Northeastern states, some hospitals such as Mount Sinai in New York and Atrius Health in Boston turned to their “hospital at home” (“HaH”) programs to limit the risk of patient exposure to the virus and to keep hospital beds available for the most critically ill amid the growing health crisis (http://ibn.fm/aPjBk).

“We began thinking about how we could use hospital-at-home to meet the needs of our hospital system in our community. … Rather than focusing on specific diagnoses, our focus has been on specific services that we’re able to render at home — and whether those are the services that are keeping the patient in the hospital,” Mount Sinai’s HaH Director Al Siu stated in a Home Health Care News report (http://ibn.fm/aaO6O).

DarioHealth (NASDAQ: DRIO) is an innovator in the digital therapeutics field that supplies hospitals with the technology they need to ensure that their patients are receiving the necessary level of care even if they are being “roomed” at home under a remote monitoring regimen.

Healthcare providers have become familiar with an ever-evolving array of computerized equipment necessary to capture data from patients in a clinical or hospital setting, but HaH technology-based services are still developing as a field of care. Personal health digital therapeutics solutions that generate data remotely and make it available to care providers in the clinical setting offer the potential of providing early warnings of a medical concern that may arise between doctor visits, as well as potentially eliminating the need for costly hospital readmissions by allowing a condition to be dealt with before it reaches a critical phase.

DarioHealth’s Remote Patient Monitoring (“RPM”) digital therapeutics platform provides physicians with essential information and also delivers occasional “nudges” to patients when its automated programming recognizes a need (http://ibn.fm/tC5si).

Devices that monitor chronic health conditions such as diabetes can function over multiple years, potentially reducing the frequency of medical visits and the demands on care providers’ time. Since such devices generally function automatically without requiring the patient to press any buttons or mess with device-pairing and data entry needs, the patient can generally function normally with a minimum of cumbersome behavior.

DarioHealth’s RPM platform combines the functions of the company’s existing resource with app technology for the service’s users and with the DarioEngage coaching platform that helps physicians and large provider groups ensure they are billing according to approved remote patient monitoring codes.

In June, the company announced it had signed its first two remote patient monitoring agreements in North America (http://ibn.fm/WoWBN), and on July 20 DarioHealth announced it is adding international service thanks to a strategic partnership with Williams Medical that makes the RPM platform available to healthcare professionals across the United Kingdom and Ireland (http://ibn.fm/ZeDHN).

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.DarioHealth.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to DRIO are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/DRIO

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