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Amid Extension into US, 2020 is Shaping Up as Banner Year for HTC Extraction Systems’ (TSX.V: HTC) (OTCQB: HTPRF) Cannabinoid Operations

  • HTC Extraction Systems is a Canadian-based builder of efficient extraction systems and a distiller of ethanol and ethanol-based products used in extraction so that they can be reclaimed and reused
  • The company has extended its reach into the hemp distillation industry to take advantage of a startup network of businesses riding a wave of new popularity for the hemp plant’s byproducts
  • HTC faces the prospect of a banner year in 2020 as the recent wave of regulatory changes favoring cannabinoid use in Canada and the United States promises to continue pushing forward

HTC Extraction Systems (TSX.V: HTC) (OTCQB: HTPRF) is a Canadian company that has established itself as a provider of proprietary systems used in extracting gas, liquids and biomass, as well as a purifier of chemical compounds such as ethanol, glycol and other solvents used in the extraction process so that the compounds can be reclaimed and reused (http://ibn.fm/4VFDH).

The company began work over two decades ago on bettering the environment through the capture and storage of carbon dioxide from industrial flue streams, including coal and gas-fired energy facilities. With the rise of the hemp industry, HTC has turned its experience toward the task of improving hemp biomass extraction processes for cannabinoid-infused products.

This pro-environment, pro-cannabinoid mindset attracted an operating partner in California as HTC extended its reach from Saskatchewan’s vast lands in western Canada to the world’s largest market on the west coast of the United States. HTC’s recent share and purchase agreement with Starling Brands Inc. grants HTC ownership of Starling’s subsidiary Kase Farma Inc., a company authorized to work with hemp cultivation, extraction, refining, formulation and distribution in California (http://ibn.fm/lN883).

The success of the strategy behind the agreement hinges on a management services agreement with Starling that provides Starling’s expertise in navigating the business and regulatory climates in California.

“Startups are challenging enough as they are when you’re working in a sector that has been shut down for close to a hundred years in a landscape that’s still federally illegal but where the constituents of our jurisdiction here in California have voted overwhelmingly in favor of cannabis use for medicinal and recreational purposes. It was quite challenging in navigating through the ever-changing regulations,” John Di Girolamo, co-founder of Starling Brands, stated in a December 11 Twitter post (http://ibn.fm/7Agmh).

Starling executives anticipate that 2020 may be the biggest year ever for hemp and cannabis policy reform in the United States, given recent changes in the regulatory landscape such as the 2018 Farm Act’s passage by Congress and the President, The SAFE Banking Act’s passage by the House of Representatives this year, and the Congressional introduction of the marijuana-decriminalizing MORE Act.

Kase Farma is preparing new equipment for processing and distilling up to 12,000 pounds per day of dried hemp biomass for the coming year’s hemp cultivation season, and HTC is likewise preparing to process hemp biomass in Saskatchewan under a tolling strategy coordinated with area farmers.

HTC expects to sell extracted cannabidiol (CBD) through brands under its related entity, Purely Canada Foods, including Purely Canada Hemp™, Purely Canada CBD™, Purely Canada CBG™ and Purely Canada Cannabinoids™.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.HTCExtraction.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to HTC are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/HTC

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