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SuperCom Ltd. (NASDAQ: SPCB) Confident in its EM Solutions’ Adoption Given Growing Reception and Demonstrated Advantages

  • SuperCom, a global leading provider of traditional and digital identity solutions, recognizes the growing domestic violence (“DV”) cases and looks to remedy it through its innovative electronic monitoring (“EM”) solutions
  • DV cases in the US have posted an unfortunate 8.7% growth since 2019, primarily attributed to the lack of accountability and the overall lack of proactivity from law enforcement in dealing with offenders
  • With incarcerations having proven ineffective in reducing these numbers, there has been a move toward EM adoption, which, with the right technologies, has yielded impressive results

SuperCom (NASDAQ: SPCB), a global leading provider of traditional and digital identity solutions offering advanced safety, identification, and security products and solutions to governments, is aware of the growing domestic violence cases and believes it has the technology to help remedy the situation. So far, its electronic monitoring (“EM”) solutions have proven themselves in monitoring and holding domestic violence offenders accountable for their actions in a variety of markets, including the U.S.

According to the comptroller’s office, domestic violence (“DV”) cases in the U.S. have grown by 8.7% since 2019, with one in four women and one in 10 men have experienced domestic violence to some sort of degree in their lifetime. This growth has been attributed to the lack of accountability, particularly for offenders, and an overall lack of proactivity from law enforcement in dealing with the situation. This lack of consequences has seen more people emboldened to commit domestic violence offenses, an issue that is slowly getting out of hand (https://ibn.fm/RDhjc).

While there has been a push for the incarceration of DV offenders, the move has been largely ineffective. In a study conducted by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (“BOACAR”), it was noted that prison time does not deter domestic violence offenders any more than a suspended sentence. The study, which compared 1,612 matched pairs of DV offenders, showed that after one year in the community, 20.3% of people given a suspended sentence and 20.3% of people given a prison sentence had at least one new DV-related offense. The difference was slightly more pronounced after three years in the community, where the former stood at 34.2% while the latter stood at 32.3% (https://ibn.fm/C00kZ).

Another study published by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics noted that electronic monitoring reduced reoffending within 24 months by 16% compared to serving a prison sentence. In addition, the study established that for offenders under 30 years, the reduction was 43%, with sizable and significant reductions in reoffending persisting for eight years (https://ibn.fm/sxoXM).

Incarceration has proven to be ineffective in reducing recidivism and in reducing DV cases. In addition, there has been a push and a preference by DV survivors not to have the offenders sent to jail for a variety of reasons, the main one of which is financial. SuperCom understands these dynamics and proactively pushes for its EM solutions, ultimately growing its market share and customer numbers. With the reception it has gotten so far, along with the results its EM solutions have shown, the company is confident that it can help address the growing DV cases globally.

“[Our] innovative tools are designed to provide law enforcement and criminal justice agencies with real-time data and analytics, helping prevent tragic outcomes by ensuring constant monitoring and swift response in critical situations,” noted a post on SuperCom’s LinkedIn page.

“SuperCom’s technology demonstrates a commitment to public safety and the protection of vulnerable individuals, aligning closely with the heightened need for effective and proactive measures in domestic violence cases,” it further noted (https://ibn.fm/2W9Er).

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.SuperCom.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to SPCB are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/SPCB

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