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Distributed Energy Solutions Provider Correlate Energy Corp. (CIPI) Accelerates Green Energy Momentum with Efficient & Affordable Technologies, Scalable Business Model

  • Climate impact concerns are a defining issue, not only in the U.S. but around the world, with a new generation of innovators seeking to learn from past mistakes and better address the need for clean energy solutions
  • Distributed energy solutions company Correlate Energy Corp. is successfully focusing on the most cost effective and efficient solar energy installation opportunities and clean energy infrastructure optimization
  • As part of this, the company is also optimizing a renewable revenue stream by carefully retaining ownership of some of its energy systems while acquiring other renewable energy companies with proven capabilities
  • The company’s average contract size is now about $2 million, and CIPI currently has about $150 million in-progress projects in various stages of development

Planetary climate change is increasingly viewed as the single most over-arching technological issue in need of a worldwide solution, but efforts to innovate and advance solutions are hampered by the need for cost-effective and workable startup-enterprise financing models.

In spite of initial challenges and missteps, progress is accelerating in the development of viable green solutions and associated business and financial models. In his analysis on innovation, Forbes Technology Council member Steve Smith recently argued that business investment in “this transformative field” must be more responsive to real-world conditions, such as the intermittent availability of wind and solar power sources, the imbalance between peak user demand and peak energy-generation, and the need to ensure that potential customers are motivated (https://ibn.fm/OPjYe).

Distributed energy solutions company Correlate Energy (OTCQB: CIPI) is advancing its superior cost-effective solutions for making solar power and other green energy solutions accessible from the ground up — working with baseline consumers and mid-tier companies that are often overlooked by larger forces in the sustainability market. Most of the company’s clients have portfolios with dozens of locations across the country that may need Correlate’s services.

Because many concerns regarding energy use revolve around site-specific buildings, Correlate Energy’s has focused on retrofitting existing commercial buildings with renewable energy solutions that improve a company’s carbon footprint and make overall energy consumption more efficient, while also ensuring financial arrangements that make the whole process eminently affordable.

Correlate Energy is moving to identify localized green energy solutions and microgrids that it can strategically finance, develop, and profitably sell to its customers, while also positioning itself to retain ownership of some of its energy systems and acquire other renewable energy companies with proven capabilities, allowing Correlate to scale its operations vertically for consistent revenue streams.

“We have a constant conveyor belt of a maturity of opportunities which allow us to smartly invest in different parts of the business,” Correlate Energy President and CEO Todd Michaels stated recently (https://ibn.fm/r8tMl).

“We have about $150 million of immediately actual projects that are (in) various stages of … development,” Michaels said in December (https://ibn.fm/OMJ3u). “About $22 million of those are, currently like, people are literally out there deployed onsite getting these projects completed. We have about another $50 million of projects that are fully contracted, that are mobilizing — they’re typically waiting for a utility approval, some permit, or are waiting for next summer to build versus building them in a place where we might be doing wintertime issues. So those are kind of the ready-to-go projects.”

Projects completed or newly announced in recent months include an up-to-40 MW Southern California microgrid project for a customer representing one of the state’s largest privately owned oil and gas corporations, a 5.2 MW solar energy installation project for a Pennsylvania-based stored energy solutions company, and rooftop solar energy systems for companies in North Carolina and Illinois.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.Correlate.Energy, including the following:

Breaking Down Barriers To Your ESG Goals While Generating Additional Net Operating Income: www.Correlate.Energy/our-process
Platform Generates New Rent And Operating Income, Allowing You To Meet Your ESG Goals: www.Correlate.Energy/program

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to CIPI are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/CIPI

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