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Quant Strats Conference 2024 To Discuss The Next Source Of Alpha

Quant Strats invites thought leaders, c-suite representatives, and executives from all over the globe, for a flourishing debate and discussion on the key trends and changes in the industry, with a specific focus on real-life applications. The Quant Strats Conference, taking place March 12th, 2024, is the leading event for quantitative thought leaders, where you can network with a crowd of over 300 quant leaders to learn the latest market dynamics. Connect with over 50 speakers from reputed entities such as Goldman Sachs, Robeco, Point72, ADIA, and many more.

The Quant Strats summit provides a phenomenal platform for industry representatives to meet and network with a unique audience, gather informative data that gives them a competitive edge, as well as connect with leaders of great knowledge and connect. The event will host debates, presentations, and panels consisting of influential C-suite representatives who decide on the trends and actions that drive the industry.

Quant Strats has worked for the past 10 years to explore, research, and gather quantum data and investment opportunities for meaningful collaboration among the selling and buying sides of the industry. The topics of the agenda include:

  • Determining the next source of alpha
  • Finding new sources of data in a saturated marketplace
  • Applying the new technologies of ML, AI, and NPL for investment and risk management
  • Exploring, organizing, and employing actionable data for various purposes
  • Synchronizing and streamlining different processes

As markets of North America and Europe return to normality, experts are on the lookout for the next source of Alpha and the relevant data for streamlining the processes. These quantitative leaders get together at the Quant Strats platform to understand ways of generating alpha, managing risks, and discovering the best opportunities that the markets have to offer.

To know more, please visit https://ibn.fm/2e3QR

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