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Amid Signs of New Real Estate Interest, Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. (DLMI) Builds Case for Fractional Investment Through STOs

  • Some high-profile investors and street-level market watchers are expressing faith that the real estate market is rebounding from last year’s slump, and are loading their money into key properties they believe have serious growth potential
  • Utah-based Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. is creating a “powerful parent umbrella company” that pairs quality real world assets, such as real estate, with a digital “STO” asset, using the pairing as a means of inspiring confidence among those wary of involvement in the digital sector
  • DLMI has teamed with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”)-registered digital asset exchange INX to offer desired security in terms of real regulation
  • The company envisions a portfolio that spans numerous market sectors such as real estate, wireless technology, and entertainment, providing a vertical integration of subsidiaries that are mutually supportive and of meaningful quality to investors

In San Francisco, the epicenter of last year’s nationwide downturn in the commercial real estate market with a similar slump in housing, real estate agents are seeing signs of new life as open houses draw surging numbers of visitors and stronger YOY sales.

“Open house visitor numbers have surged, new listings coming on market have risen, the pipeline of coming listings is filling up faster than last year, and the number of homes going into contract has begun to climb,” Compass chief market analyst Patrick Carlisle told SFGATE this month (https://ibn.fm/fPoB3). “With dramatic improvements since October in interest rates, stock markets and consumer confidence, both buyers and sellers are re-engaging to a much greater degree, and the velocity of the market is rapidly accelerating.”

A former Warren Buffet apprentice tied to the Toronto-based Reichmann real-estate dynasty is casting high-profile bets on San Francisco’s office buildings, further demonstrating an emerging confidence in the market for 2024 (https://ibn.fm/9UeRP).

Salt Lake City-based Diamond Lake Minerals (OTC: DLMI) CEO Brian J. Esposito is also promoting the evergreen potential of real estate investing — in DLMI’s case, it’s through a strategy of fractional ownership, using security tokens as a confidence-boosting gateway to an asset class many investors would not otherwise be able to access.

“There’s been great wealth created by cryptocurrencies and other types of digital assets that don’t operate in a regulatory environment … but it scares me that there’s so much money out there that is not protected or regulated,” Esposito told Proactive Investors last month (https://ibn.fm/LmEoy). “In a regulated environment, you’d create a giant funnel of liquidity and access to capital that was not able to be accessed before because there was no such thing as blockchain technology.”

Esposito noted that a lot of commercial properties may be overvalued and struggling to gain loans from rebank financing, but may nonetheless have “the ability to earn and create value.” Through regulated security token offerings (“STOs”), the property could be opened up to financing from “millions of people around the world.”

For its security token offerings, DLMI has partnered with U.S. Securities and Exchange (“SEC”)-registered security token exchange INX to provide a strict framework governed by guidelines that U.S. regulators have established.

Diamond Lake currently acquires, creates, and builds value in an industry-agnostic selection of companies that can exist within a variety of sectors, including the musical arts, health care, media, and varied forms of entertainment. Those companies are each imbued with an STO, making it easier for seasoned investors to turn to real world assets, but then explore the attached digital asset realm as well. The growing potential for similar investment in real estate is clear.

“We’re going to create a powerful parent umbrella company that has tremendous assets on its balance sheet as we continue to build and grow. Wonderful subsidiaries that we identify as great targets for our shareholders,” Esposito told financial media outlet Benzinga in December (https://ibn.fm/JtX7N).

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.DiamondLakeMinerals.com or LinkedIn page at www.LinkedIn.com/company/Diamond-Lake-Minerals/.

In addition, for information on the company’s security token SEC regulated exchange partner INX, and the development of the INX Way, visit https://www.inx.co/inx-ebook/. This free security token bible, written with the SEC on the rollout of security tokens and the future of digital assets, will greatly deepen your understanding of security tokens.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to DLMI are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/DLMI

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