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Momo (MOMO) Finding Recovery from Pandemic Through Social Media Connectivity

  • Powerfully diverse Chinese social media and entertainment conglomerate Momo is finding a measure of renewed optimism following a pandemic-delivered economic blow to its businesses during the past year
  • Momo operates social connectivity services, online dating facilitation and TV and radio production interests
  • The company’s social connection streams provide a useful service during the social distancing strictures imposed by governments striving to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus
  • Momo has seen a positive response to changes in its top leadership during the past year as part of its efforts to redefine its strategy

Chinese mobile-based social networking giant Momo Inc. (NASDAQ: MOMO) continues to regain momentum from COVID pandemic-induced difficulties during the past year, seeing new options become available (https://ibn.fm/nI0JK), share prices rise (https://ibn.fm/772H8) and its appeal increasing generally with investors (https://ibn.fm/KMArq) during recent weeks.

Momo has operated in three primary service line segments since its launch in 2011 and its Nasdaq Stock Exchange listing in 2014, most notably its Momo social interaction platform, which makes it easier for people to connect with each other as they identify similar geographical and lifestyle interests (https://ibn.fm/UmWmX). Tantan, one of the country’s top dating platforms, gained wide recognition as “China’s Tinder” (https://ibn.fm/vpnbT), and QOOL Media operates a diversified radio and TV production business (https://ibn.fm/UojBD).

Momo’s operations have allowed it to gather information from its users’ activities to create a comprehensive database of their social interests and match users on the basis of demographics such as age, gender, location, group membership, discussion interests and other social relationships. While helping people to meet based on such interests, the platform’s engine also is able to push advertising content to users based on their interests, with the idea that social context makes business promotion more relevant to users and less of an interruption to their experience.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on people’s ability to interact with each other socially, particularly in regions where governments have imposed strict restrictions in an effort to limit the transmission of the highly contagious virus. China was the first country to identify the health emergency, and as such was at the leading edge of experimental efforts to stop the virus’ spread (https://ibn.fm/ctE67).

Social media outlets such as those operated by Momo provide a means of helping people to continue to interact with each other even while separated by such measures. As the company’s multibillion-dollar revenue stream begins to rebound from the pandemic’s economic effects, its mobile applications and hosted recreational activities are enabling users to discover new relationships, expand social connections and build meaningful day-to-day interactions.

The company saw some of its top leadership positions change last year as part of its effort to regroup and rebuild its base, helping to drive a renewed sense of optimism (https://ibn.fm/lP7ji).

For more information on Momo Inc., visit the company’s Investor Relations web page at https://momoinc.gcs-web.com.

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