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Emaginos Inc. Offers Game-Changing Educational Approach That Fosters Desire to Learn

  • The Emaginos approach is based on a goal of transforming K-12 public schools to a model composed of integrated proven best practices
  • Young people are a source of creativity, innovation, and invention that will drive the economy
  • The K-12 public education system in this country is a broken national treasure

Walt Disney has been quoted as saying, “Our greatest national resource is the minds of our children.” He’s not alone in that philosophy. The team at Emaginos has built a new educational approach based on the goal of transforming K-12 public schools to a model composed of integrated proven best practices and aimed at developing America’s greatest natural resource – its children

“The only truly renewable resource we have in our country today is our students,” says Dr. Keith Larick, who served as superintendent of the Tracy Unified School District in Tracy, California, for years before starting Emaginos (https://ibn.fm/HjaNU). “Those young people who attend our elementary, middle, high schools, colleges and universities are the source of creativity, innovation and invention that will drive our economy and become guardians of our democracy. To thrive and grow, they must have a learning environment that provides a foundation of basic skills, is personal, and includes competence in problem solving and application of knowledge to relevant real life problems.”

Emaginos is committed to creating that learning environment. While the company believes that America’s K-12 public schools are a national treasure, it also points to numerous studies that all reach the same conclusion – the K-12 public education system in this country is broken and cannot be fixed.

The solution, however, isn’t as drastic as it may sound. The game-changing Emaginos model uses existing facilities, teachers, and administers and can be implemented within existing budgets using existing proven best practices. So what’s new? Just about everything else.

Emaginos begins by transforming an initial school within the district to a charter school as a model for the transformation. The charter model implements the Emaginos Discovery Learning System (“DLS”) that outlines a systemic transformation from the current teacher-centered model to a K-12 public education system that fosters and supports a student’s desire to learn. After the model is successful in the charter school, the lessons learned in transforming the initial school are used to continue the change throughout the rest of the school district.

Dedicated to transforming K-12 public schools to a model composed of integrated proven best practices, Emaginos opposes replacing public schools with charter schools or damaging public schools by draining resources through vouchers or school choice programs. Emaginos firmly believes in restoring the concept of the neighborhood schools as the center of the community.

“It is time to stop wasting money patching and repairing a system that is obsolete,” states the Emaginos website. “It is time to transform the system, integrating the best practices available while discarding the sacred cows that have held back true reform.” It is time for Emaginos.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.Emaginos.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to Emaginos are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/Emaginos

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