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Turbo Energy’s (NASDAQ: TURB) Sunbox Selected to Power Up Solar360’s Capabilities Aiming to Transform Spain’s Photovoltaic Landscape in 2024

  • Turbo Energy announces strategic partnership with Solar360, a joint venture between two Spanish heavyweights, Repsol and Telefónica España
  • Turbo Energy will be the technology provider while Solar360 will be tasked with marketing energy services and installing Turbo Energy’s smart batteries in residential, commercial, and industrial locations in Spain
  • The companies are optimistic that this partnership will revolutionize the photovoltaic market in 2024, delivering substantial value to both parties and to consumers

Turbo Energy (NASDAQ: TURB), a photovoltaic energy storage innovator, has started the new year on a high note with a strategic alliance announcement. The company has forged a collaboration with Solar360, a joint venture of Repsol and Telefónica España, signaling a promising beginning for Turbo Energy in 2024. In this partnership, Turbo Energy will supply technology while Solar360 will take on the responsibility of promoting energy services by installing Turbo Energy’s smart batteries in residential, commercial, and industrial locations across Spain (https://ibn.fm/SFkkc).

The two companies join forces in a bid to optimize user savings and ensure energy availability beyond sunny periods. Aligning with their shared objective, this collaboration appears well-matched in the rapidly expanding solar photovoltaic self-consumption sector. Turbo Energy aspires to revolutionize solar energy consumption through innovative AI-driven solutions, enabling consumers to optimize solar potential and cut electricity costs for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Solar360 combines Telefónica’s technological and IoT expertise with Repsol’s experience in self-consumption to offer tailored electricity rates and comprehensive solar panel installations for individual customers, communities, and businesses.

Sunbox, Turbo Energy’s flagship product, is the first to be launched by Solar360. As an all-in-one energy solution integrating an inverter, battery, and AI-powered software, Sunbox seeks to manage and store photovoltaic energy efficiently through a user-friendly mobile application. “We are delighted that a market leader like Solar360 has chosen our Sunbox device as a distinctive and innovative product for their value proposition. We are excited about this partnership and believe it will bring value to both sides as well as to a broad variety of consumers,” said Mariano Soria, CEO of Turbo Energy while announcing the partnership.

Sunbox promises to deliver substantial cost savings through an intelligent energy storage system leveraging AI for real-time analysis of diverse data reflecting consumption habits, photovoltaic generation, weather conditions, and applied electricity rates. Solar panels marketed by Solar360 come equipped with an AI-powered battery system, allowing users to manage the energy generated effectively. Users can strategically utilize this stored energy during peak grid demand periods, optimizing cost savings. Additionally, the system enables users to decide the amount of battery reserve for emergencies (https://ibn.fm/1ErEn). Solar360 also commits to providing a photovoltaic production guarantee, which ensures that if the installed system generates less energy than initially estimated in the offer, the company will compensate for the shortfall during the initial year or throughout the amortization period if the customer opts for maintenance.

Turbo Energy monitors users’ energy installations in real-time, tracking both production and consumption. This functionality empowers users to utilize solar-generated energy efficiently during peak consumption hours. In anticipation of adverse weather conditions, the Turbo Energy app ensures that the batteries are fully charged, providing users with a reliable energy source during such events.

Guillermo Barth, CEO of Solar360, does not hide ambitious plans with this partnership. “With this launch, we are revolutionizing the photovoltaic sector with an innovative and distinctive offering in the market, focused on maximizing our customers’ savings. Our goal is to revolutionize the photovoltaic market in 2024,” he concluded.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.Turbo-e.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to TURB are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/TURB

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