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The Blockchain Futurist Conference, Together With ETHToronto, Bring Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency to Real Life

The most crypto enabled conference in the world returns to Toronto, Canada

Blockchain Futurist Conference, Canada’s largest crypto and blockchain event, combined with ETHToronto, the official Hackathon of the Blockchain Futurist Conference, is coming back to Toronto this August 8-10, 2022 for its fourth year. With only a short time until this flagship event, along with the announcement about the newly added keynote speaker Vitalik Buterin, inventor of Ethereum, the excitement among the blockchain and cryptocurrency community is rapidly growing.

Here’s how the conference will be crypto and blockchain enabled for 2022 so far:

The conference has introduced a multitude of digital payment methods. Untraceable has partnered with Euka Pay to accept BTC, ETH, and USDT as payment for online tickets.

Untraceable has also partnered with FLEXA to set-up vendors with payment processors to accept crypto onsite including helicopter rides, food trucks, tickets, and marketplace.

They are bringing back the Futurist Crypto Marketplace where Toronto based vendors will be able to sell their merchandise and learn how to accept crypto payments for their business beyond the 3 day conference.  Anyone looking to sell their merchandise and accept crypto as payment should reach out to the team.

For vendors, businesses, and newbies who want to start using cryptocurrency, Futurist’s Blockchain Bootcamp is the perfect learning platform, offering education on the in-and-outs of crypto and blockchain technology.

Helicopter rides, provided by FlyGTA, are one of the top activations where attendees can purchase rides around Toronto using crypto.

Futurist will have 3 NFT galleries throughout the venue where attendees can bid and purchase NFTs directly on-site, this is organized in partnership with NFTGoat.

NFTs will be provided by the company Ribbon, creating recognition and exclusive NFTs to all those who helped make the event possible, including volunteers, staff, and key partner organizations.

For the 4th year, Untraceable brings back their event-wide gamification designed to incentivize attendees to engage within the conference. Attendees receive points for actions such as visiting exhibitor booths, attending speaking sessions, and interacting with experiences around the venue. These points can be exchanged for Untraceable tokens called UNNY. Built on the polygon network, UNNY is a real-life engagement token designed to drive real-life actions in person.

Over 10 pop-ups will be activated onsite for attendees to purchase experiential activations with the conference’s native token UNNY powered by the Flexa network.

This is just a snapshot of the creative activations to bring blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to real life at the 2022 Blockchain Futurist Conference.

The event will be a larger-than-life experience, a future world within a conference. Gamers, programmers, hackers, startups, and more can test their technology before sending it out to the real world. Unique technologies and innovations will evolve on the floor of the Blockchain Futurist Conference. In 2019, the team successfully performed live tracking of their produce from Farm to Table at the conference – showcasing new supply chain technology, and even the conference Insurance documents are also added to the blockchain to make it immutable.

Tickets are selling fast and it is time to grab your access to the conference. For those who are unable to attend the in-person event, the conference will be live in the Metaverse through Cryptovoxels. The future is almost here! See you in August!

To learn more, please visit https://www.futuristconference.com.

To learn more about the ETHToronto event, please visit https://www.ethtoronto.ca.

Apply to showcase your NFTs for free: https://ibn.fm/ElDkF.

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