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Sustainable Green Team Ltd. (SGTM) Completes New Mulch Manufacturing Line, Diversifies Further into Evolving Playground Surfacing Material Market

  • Sustainable Green team announced completion of works on its new mulch manufacturing line in Apoka, Florida
  • Newly built facility will allow SGTM to increase mulch manufacturing by four million bags per year
  • SGTM has also recently announced it has achieved IPEMA accreditation to diversify product lines into manufacture of playground surfacing material
  • Recent study estimated that playground surfacing material market value to rise to over $5.8 billion by 2026, driven by increased demand from schools, recreational facilities

Sustainable Green Team (OTC: SGTM), a leading provider of environmentally beneficial solutions for tree and storm waste disposal, has announced that it has recently completed work on its dual mulch bagger and fully automated electric grinding screen operations in Waste Management’s (“WM”) landfill facilities located in Apopka, Florida (http://ibn.fm/boTY7). The completion of the facility, which will allow SGTM to increase its mulch manufacturing by four million bags per year (within one shift) in the Apoka facility comes after the company entered into a joint-venture with Mulch Manufacturing Inc. in October 2019 (http://ibn.fm/2MsqU), an arrangement which SGTM formalized by fully acquiring Mulch Manufacturing and its operations in February of this year.

SGTM’s core business looks to provide the company’s customers with tree services, debris hauling, removal and bio-mass recycling, along with the manufacturing, packaging and sale of next-generation mulch products. However, a key challenge for SGTM and its peer companies within the sector has been to find a sustainable solution for the treatment and handling of tree debris, which was historically sent to local landfills and disposal sites, thereby creating an environmental burden and pressure on disposal sites around the nation.

Following the completion of the company’s dual line mulch bagger and fully automated electric grinding screening operations (http://ibn.fm/MwNTw) in late July, SGTM will be able to re-use the debris which would have traditionally been deposited within Waste Management’s landfills by processing and branding the collected waste products into a premium mulch product. Sold under the Softscape(R) brand name, the Sustainable Green Team’s mulch and landscaping products allow water and air to penetrate the surrounding flora’s soil and roots—a vital function designed to promote plant health and growth (http://ibn.fm/Vqz0P).

“This is a pivotal advancement. With our strong relationship with Waste Management, we are progressing toward achieving true green sustainability,” stated SGTM CEO and director Tony Raynor.

In addition to its efforts in recycling tree and storm waste into commercialized mulch products, the Sustainable Green Team has recently gained the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (“IPEMA”) certification to commence recycling waste into playground surfacing material. With demand for playground surfacing material rapidly rising as a result of growing demand from the likes of schools, commercial athletic facilities and recreational spaces, SGTM’s new product line will help the company tap into a market which is estimated to rise to a value of over $5.8 billion by the end of 2026, a 150% increase from 2017’s $3.7 billion (http://ibn.fm/3HqPD).

Through its efforts in expanding the life-cycle of tree and storm waste through its use as feedstock for the manufacture of a variety of value-added product lines, the Sustainable Green Team has consistently attempted to stay true to its adage of providing sustainable solutions for its core storm recovery services. With its latest operational updates, SGTM seems well positioned to continue expanding its operations through a unique combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions which are accretive to its future earnings.

To learn more about this company, view the investor presentation at http://ibn.fm/2xym7

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to SGTM are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/SGTM

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