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SRAX Inc.’s (NASDAQ: SRAX) Sequire Emerges as a Leader within Investor Intelligence Field

  • SRAX’s Sequire, an investor intelligence platform, seeks to combine investor intelligence services with detailed shareholder insights
  • Sequire boasts 91 publicly listed subscribers on its platform along with over 1 million investors and traders
  • Sequire’s platform allows companies to track their shareholders’ actions, interact with existing investors, meet with future prospective shareholders
  • Company is well-positioned to benefit from increased digitization of global investor relations functions

SRAX (NASDAQ: SRAX), a digital marketing pioneer focused on providing consumer data management services, has rapidly emerged as a leader in the field of combining investor intelligence services with detailed shareholder insights. Launched as a stand-alone platform in early 2020, Sequire, SRAX’s SAAS investor intelligence platform, has garnered great popularity, having accrued over 1 million investors and traders. The company has also attracted over 91 publicly-listed companies as subscribers on its platform (https://ibn.fm/1Yunn) – an explosion of growth largely driven by Sequire’s extensive range of services.

Increasingly, companies have sought to adopt digital technology and the data generated from such mediums as a way of improving their engagement with customer and stakeholders alike. These insights have assisted companies in developing new products and services while also developing a better understanding of their consumer’s pain points and unmet needs (https://ibn.fm/YWtqe).

Sequire has seized upon this trend, harnessing the digital insights provided by the over 1 million investors currently on the company’s platform in a bid to help its corporate subscribers with their individual investor outreach programs. Sequire allows its subscribers to track their shareholders’ selling and buying trends, search and monitor key investors, track outstanding warrants, receive the latest company specific news and media and even create and send out customized shareholder surveys designed to bring forth their stake-holders’ insights and opinions (https://ibn.fm/C7geP).

The company’s management illustrated the platform’s potential by outlining one example, where a single corporate subscriber using Sequire has seen their number of individual shareholders skyrocket from 3,000 to over 360,000 during their tenure on the platform. The successes witnessed thus far have now led the Sequire SAAS platform to record six consecutive quarters of growth.

“The growth we experienced this last quarter and through today has been the fastest we have encountered as a public company,” said SRAX CEO and founder Christopher Miglino. “For the past six weeks we have closed close to $1M per week in business, mostly driven by our Sequire platform. Public issuers are seeing the benefits of the platform, and our data teams are gaining significant insights from that growth. Sequire now has over 1 million investors and traders, a significant portion of which are from the Robinhood platform.”

The business model underpinning corporate investor relations efforts has undergone a radical transformation in recent years, with digitization having now fully arrived in the field. IR websites and digital business reports are now standard, while the use of digital distribution channels for company communications becoming largely indispensable. However, the improvement in technology and greater bandwidth provided as a result has also led to new opportunities being created – webcasts and virtual events are allowing companies to communicate and interact with investors located in distant geographies while also providing a medium for investors to come into direct contact with corporate representatives.

Over time, big data and artificial intelligence are set to become ever more significant factors governing the development of the investor relations function – providing issuers with greater insights into their end investors while simultaneously allowing them to personalize their end interactions with the latter group (https://ibn.fm/8hptj). The recognition of these upcoming changes has underpinned the ongoing development of the Sequire platform, ideally placing it to benefit from the ongoing radical transformation of the global investor relations industry.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.SRAX.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to SRAX are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/SRAX

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