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SenesTech Inc. (NASDAQ: SNES) Partnership with Open Field Agriculture Solutions Provider Expands Rat Birth Control Product Distribution

  • Arizona-based rat population control innovator SenesTech is expanding the market for its unique non-lethal, fertility-reduction products by partnering with a sustainable solutions irrigation company to roll out Evolve(TM) soft bait to open field agriculture
  • Rodent population increases have been widely reported in the wake of the COVID pandemic, and SenesTech’s solution is easier to distribute than many poisons and doesn’t carry the high risk of unintentionally harming non-target species
  • The company has introduced its products in the United States, Hong Kong, the Maldives, and the United Arab Emirates
  • SenesTech’s irrigation solutions partner will initially introduce Evolve(TM) to a California dairy and almond operation, with the goal of expanding distribution to its other customers worldwide

Rodent pest control enterprise SenesTech (NASDAQ: SNES) is expanding its unique rat birth control product line through a team-up with a global leader in irrigation solutions to place SenesTech’s soft bait solution into open field agriculture.

SenesTech is rapidly growing, making a name for itself by targeting the spread of rodent populations through the use of a non-lethal method of intervention in conjunction with or instead of the poisons common to the pest control industry. Its original liquid formulation ContraPest(R) showed success in reducing rat depredations, targeting both male and female rats. However, since professional exterminators, a huge market, preferred a semi-solid product, the company introduced its Evolve(TM) soft bait in October, which has been taking off around the world and is now targeting needs in the vast open field agriculture market.

Pest control company Rentokil reported its study “Rise of the Rats” found a single pair of rats could produce nearly a half billion descendants in three years’ time (https://ibn.fm/WDs9t), but SenesTech’s solution works to prevent that kind of a population explosion through a product highly palatable to rats, non-poisonous, and very effective.

The expansion of Evolve(TM) into open field agriculture addresses a challenge to rodent control efforts — poisons can’t be broadcast in the agricultural setting and the use of traps has limited effectiveness and high expense. Evolve(TM), however, uses a compound derived from food ingredients. The company reports its doses are formulated specifically for rats and are too low to affect the fertility of other species, barring the unlikely ingestion in enormous and repeated quantities.

“The Evolve soft bait, with its minimum risk, its reasonable cost, and its proven efficacy, provides a new tool for this widespread market,” SenesTech President and CEO Joel Fruendt stated in the company’s Jan. 8 announcement (https://ibn.fm/y5GCO).

The company’s sustainable irrigation solutions partner will roll Evolve(TM) out to a California dairy and almond growing customer initially, with the goal of ultimately expanding distribution to their customers across the globe.

Rodents are among animals that may damage almost all types of crops grown around the world, including cereal grains, vegetables, cotton, alfalfa, sugar cane, potatoes and tree fruits (https://ibn.fm/YNRj7), showing the opportunity for SenesTech’s Birth Control for Rats(TM) product in agricultural settings. One report states that in Asia alone the amount of grain eaten by rodents would provide enough food to feed 200 million people for a year.

Observed rodent populations have been increasing in North America, further demonstrating the importance of keeping their numbers in check. According to Pest Management Technology’s 2023 “State of the Rodent Control Market,” 60 percent of pest management professionals reported increases in rodent infestations over the past year while another 38 percent reported that infestations held steady in their markets (https://ibn.fm/HalFo).

Some markets have also prohibited the use of commonly used rat poisons because of concerns about incidental exposure to non-target species, further establishing the importance of non-lethal solutions such as SenesTech’s offerings.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.SenesTech.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to SNES are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/SNES

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