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SenesTech Inc. (NASDAQ: SNES) Expands Global Distribution with Novel Rodent Birth Control Product Entry Into UAE

  • Arizona-based SenesTech Inc., is focused on novel, non-lethal solutions to animal pest management through products that specifically target male and female rats’ fertility to reduce the proliferation of new pup litters
  • The company achieved successes in limiting rodent populations with its liquid ContraPest(R) bait formulation and recently introduced a new product in a soft bait formulation, branded Evolve(TM)
  • SenesTech has introduced its products throughout the United States and in other countries that include South Africa and the Maldives and, just recently, the United Arab Emirates
  • SenesTech regards rodent control as one of the world’s most challenging problems, creating a ready-built market for its products — especially in light of news reports about municipal efforts to contain burgeoning rat populations in select cities

Animal pest control innovator SenesTech (NASDAQ: SNES) is expanding distribution of its rodent birth control solution globally, adding the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) market as the latest entry point for its new Evolve(TM) Soft Bait product. The UAE agreement announced Jan. 2 (https://ibn.fm/pM9to) is part of SenesTech’s new rodent control product distribution agreement through Pesterminators Pvt Ltd and its subsidiary TCS Global for General Trading LLC.

SenesTech created its own unique niche within the pest control market after introducing its non-lethal liquid ContraPest(R) bait. Instead of poisoning rats, the bait targets fertility reduction in male and female rats, and Evolve(TM) has a similar mechanism of action but in a soft bait presentation preferred over liquids by pest management professionals (“PMPs”) and residential customers.

SenesTech’s products are the first, and still the only, such rat contraceptives for both males and females registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) designed to be non-lethal.

“The UAE has implemented strict measures in recent years to control and prevent the use of harmful chemicals. Health officials in Dubai have issued warnings about hiring illegal companies, with municipal regulations prohibiting the importing, handling, and trading of pesticides without permission, and limiting the use of poisons in sensitive areas,” Pesterminators and TCS Global, UAE CEO Sathes Ramachandran stated in the company’s announcement.

“Pesterminators is committed to introducing sustainable solutions for the pest management segment and holds a solid position in the UAE,” Ramachandran added. “Evolve aligns well into our pest control practice and meets regulatory requirements in the region.”

SenesTech President and CEO Joel Fruendt labeled rodent control one of the world’s most challenging problems in an Oct. 19 interview for the Lytham Partners Fall 2023 Investor Conference (https://ibn.fm/FomqU).

“Traditional pest control tools like lethal poisons seek to control the death rate and are therefore very reactive. The challenge, as we see it, is the incredible rate of reproduction of the rats. Given sufficient food, water and harborage, two breeding rats can result in 15,000 offspring after a single year,” Fruendt said.

“The largest pest company in the world, Rentokil, commissioned an interactive study, The Rise of Rats, that revealed how a pair of rats could produce nearly half a billion descendants in just three years. Half a billion! You cannot poison them, or trap them or gas them fast enough to overcome their fertility,” he said.

The company conducted studies of ContraPest’s(R) effectiveness at poultry farms on the east and west coasts of the United States, through the farms’ integrated pest management programs. The studies showed that SenesTech’s product cut the rat population in half in three months and produced a sustained 90 percent reduction over the 12-month study at the western facility, and that pullet survival from predation rebounded by 88 percent at the eastern facility — delivering hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits in the process.

The growth in the rodent population in cities and suburbs has become an increasing concern since the 2020 COVID pandemic. New York City created an official “rat czar” position to deal with its troubles last year. Boston catalogued more than 3,900 rodent-related complaints as well, and Chicago logged more than 50,000 similar complaints (https://ibn.fm/Ae5vv).

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.SenesTech.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to SNES are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/SNES

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