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Redfund Capital Corp. (CSE: LOAN) (OTC: PNNRF) (Frankfurt: O3X4) Bridges Financial Gaps, Helps Company Valuations Grow

  • Redfund is building an international footprint with established national leaders and pursuing opportunities in emerging markets
  • The company is funding new drug delivery systems and helping nutraceuticals gain mainstream adoption
  • Redfund is the first medical cannabis incubator and accelerator financing CBD and hemp companies through debt facilities
  • The company recently announced an agreement to fund CANNAKI BEVERAGE COMPANY Inc., a nano CBD flavored water company

Established as a global merchant bank, Redfund Capital Corp. (CSE: LOAN) (OTC: PNNRF) (Frankfurt: O3X4) aims to provide debt and equity funding to companies in the mid and later stages of development. This business strategy is a core component of Redfund as it seeks to establish the foundations of a loan portfolio that generates revenue with monthly interest income and that also grows value for shareholders (http://ibn.fm/heJMP).

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Redfund reviews companies with revenues upward of $2 million or with a minimum of $1 million in the pipeline. Rather than start-ups and small businesses, Redfund pursues portfolio companies moving to the next stage of growth.

Redfund Capital specializes in debt and considers itself the first cannabis merchant bank debt facility, providing loans to companies in the space, namely in the medical cannabis, hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) sectors, as CEO Meris Kott detailed in a recent NetworkNewsAudio interview (http://ibn.fm/Rmgga). In an update on the first quarter, the company announced that it has extended funds to several cannabis companies (http://ibn.fm/9YAnH). In addition, Redfund recently announced that it has agreed to fund CANNAKI BEVERAGE COMPANY Inc., a nano CBD flavored water company (http://ibn.fm/ncAZh).

“We’re focusing mainly on brands and products, although in our portfolio we have some really interesting cutting-edge technologies,” Kott explained. Redfund is “first in a lot of areas,” she added, highlighting the company’s recent opening of First Euro Cannabis, Europe’s first accelerator and incubator in the medical cannabis space (http://ibn.fm/z2aac).

The Redfund loan portfolio consists of Winterlife, Mary’s Wellness, RxMM Health Care, Biominerales Pharma Colombia and Biolog Inc. Two of the companies in the Redfund portfolio are investigating the process for listing on a publicly traded exchange. By the end of the first quarter of 2019, these companies anticipate becoming stand-alone public entities. Redfund has another 11 projects currently open, reflecting significant progress for the new merchant bank with 16 companies in the pipeline at various stages.

“The Company vision is to have a portfolio of 20 companies with $75 million injected through loans deployed to companies who have commonalities of revenues, brand awareness, and a keen interest to go global with their products… We are looking forward to our portfolio companies being leaders in the public markets,” Kott said in a news release (http://ibn.fm/lqNKj).

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.RedfundCapital.com

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