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Predictive Oncology (NASDAQ: POAI) CEO Discusses Subsidiaries’ Proprietary Tech, Innovative Media

  • CEO expects results that will “build the stock and raise the stock price”
  • POAI focused on positioning TumorGenesis kits to manufacturers
  • Helomics has largest database of its kind in the world, brings cutting-edge technology to cancer research

During a recent NetworkNewsWire exclusive audio interview, Predictive Oncology (NASDAQ: POAI) CEO Carl Schwartz noted recent company milestones and outlined strategic goals. In addition, Schwartz provided key updates on the company’s four impressive subsidiaries: Skyline Medical, TumorGenesis, Soluble Biotech and Helomics.

“I’m very encouraged. I think we’re moving right along. Things never go as fast as we would like them, and it can be very frustrating at times,” Schwartz stated. “We have a lot going on, and we’re working hard on our goals. . . . We expect results that will be advantageous to the company and that will build the stock and raise the stock price.”

During the interview, Schwartz noted that the original purpose of TumorGenesis was to develop a lab media to replace rats and mice in scientific industries as well as the testing of tumors. The company has succeeded in developing the first media: ovarian cancer.

“This media, which, as I said, replicates the body, fools the tumor into thinking it’s still in the body,” Schwartz explained. “Its reactions are very, very similar to what it would have done had it been in the body. Now the next step is to get it positioned to manufacturers and getting the kits out so people can use it. That’s coming along handsomely.”

Schwartz also talked about POAI’s newest subsidiary, Soluble Biotech, which is essentially the combination of two labs. “We moved them now into a research park,” he said. “We quadrupled the space that they have, and they have the latest in equipment. The technology used by Soluble is proprietary. These machines that we have were developed some time ago and are the only machines of their kind. In the determination of solubility of products, they work wonders in that area. We expect, going forward, that they’ll get a number of contracts.”

Finally, Schwartz noted that POAI has positioned Helomics to compete in the marketplace. “The original basis of Helomics . . . was that physicians or hospitals would send their tumors to this company, and they would test the tumors with the known therapies of the day,” he said. “In that process, [Helomics] accumulated over 150,000 tumors covering over 137 different cancer.”

Schwartz noted that Helomics currently has the largest database of its kind in the world, and through its subsidiary, POAI brings cutting-edge technology to cancer research and works with the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech industries to develop predictive models of how specific tumors may respond.

“With that data, and the fact that we’ve sequenced these tumors, we have shown that we can provide quality information to anyone who needs it,” he continued. “There’s a lot going on at Helomics. We think we’ve validated the company. We’ve got assets that are one-of-a-kind in the world, and we think we are on our way to where we wanted to be when we first purchased this company a couple of years ago.”

Predictive Oncology operates through three segments (domestic, international and other), which contain four subsidiaries; Helomics, TumorGenesis, Skyline Medical and Skyline Europe. Helomics applies artificial intelligence to its rich data gathered from patient tumors to both personalize cancer therapies for patients and drive the development of new targeted therapies in collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. Helomics’ CLIA-certified lab provides clinical testing that assists oncologists in individualizing patient treatment decisions by providing an evidence-based road map for therapy. In addition to its proprietary precision oncology platform, Helomics offers boutique CRO services that leverage its TruTumor(TM), patient-derived tumor models coupled to a wide range of multi-omics assays (genomics, proteomics and biochemical), and an AI-powered proprietary bioinformatics platform to provide a tailored solution to its clients’ specific needs. Predictive Oncology’s Skyline Medical division markets its patented and FDA-cleared STREAMWAY System, which automates the collection, measurement and disposal of waste fluid, including blood, irrigation fluid and others, within a medical facility, through both domestic and international divisions. The company has achieved sales in five of the seven continents through both direct sales and distributor partners.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.Predictive-Oncology.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to POAI are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/POAI

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