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Pac Roots Cannabis Corp. (CSE: PACR) (OTCQB: PACRF) (FSE: 4XM) Leverages Premium British Columbia Location, Produces Superior Yields

  • PACR acquired 250 acres in Fraser Valley, one of most productive farmland areas in Canada
  • Fraser Valley location allows PACR to produce superior yields through extended growing season
  • PACR leverages genetic technology to produce robust strains with highly potent cannabinoid profiles
  • Cultivation approach produced 50 “super-elite” strains and approximately 350 tested cultivars for maximum yields and minimized labor costs

Pac Roots Cannabis Corp. (CSE: PACR) (OTCQB: PACRF) (FSE: 4XM), a Canada-based cannabis company dedicated to producing premium strains and products through a genetics-focused approach, recently completed a massive 250-acre restriction-free land acquisition in Fraser Valley, one of the most intensely farmed and productive agricultural districts in Canada. Along with the company’s “genetics-first” approach, PACR leverages the Fraser Valley’s unique properties to produce top-quality cannabis strains revered by the industry for their potency and overall effectiveness.

“I believe this 250-acre asset package that we acquired in early September is a very important addition to our portfolio,” said Pac Roots CEO Patrick Elliott. “It’s land that is undeveloped and is owned outright by Pac Roots. It provides a long development pipeline whereby we can invite and incorporate partners, which lowers our CAPEX and development costs. So, this is a massive project that will take us into 2021 and beyond.”

PACR’s yields are further bolstered by the company’s genetics-based cultivation approach that has produced 50 “super-elite” strains and roughly 350 tested cultivars, providing maximum yields, increased profitability and minimal labor costs. The company’s strategic partnership with Phenome One, a plant breeding management and analytics firm, gives it access to some of the world’s most robust cannabis genetics from the most extensive genetic library in Canada, enabling the company to develop unique strains with varying beneficial characteristics such as environmental resiliency and an optimized cannabinoid profile.

“We don’t deal with seeds. It’s different from most hemp farmers where seeds are thrown off of the back of a tractor,” said Elliot. “We grow these seedlings, clones, clippings or cuttings from a live plant and we grow them for the first month indoors and plant them. What this does is ensure is that you are going to get exactly what you expect out of that cultivar, and it also survives that first month which is the toughest month.”

PACR stands out in the industry through its strong commitment to providing top-shelf cannabis strains to an increasingly knowledgeable customer base. The company’s selective breeding process leverages genetic technology to produce fewer lines with superior characteristics that are prized across the industry. Along with its first-in-class cultivation strategy, PACR’s prime location in the Fraser Valley fortifies the company’s position as a significant player in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.PacRoots.ca.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to PACR are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/PACR

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