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Outer Edge LA Presents A Memorable Experiential Event

Outer Edge LA welcomes innovators, enthusiasts, experts, and leaders in technology, entertainment, and Web3, to this year’s event being held in Los Angeles from March 20-23. The event promises to be bigger and better than ever, with a star-studded lineup of award-winning actors, NBA all-stars, startup founders, and blockchain enthusiasts. Outer Edge terms this “an experiential event like no other,” with unique offerings, including co-creation, a unique approach to accessibility, and an experiential approach to learning and interacting with technology and people in the tech space.

This year’s event is founded on five main imperatives – Unite, Build, Give, Experience, and Grow. It offers a platform for people in the tech space to join forces and co-create an out-of-this-world experience while equipping them with the power to shape the event and leave their mark. It also offers an opportunity for attendees to celebrate and acknowledge each individual’s unique gifts and talents, allowing them to live fully in the moment and inspire transformation.

Outer Edge LA will feature workshops, expos, community parties, and even a fashion show, as well as nightlife events. It will also spot a unique showcase for Seed to Series A level startups to compete for startup glory on March 23, building up on the preceding events in the previous week, such as the LA Hackathon.

Last year’s event saw over 3,500 attendees and 150 partnerships with world-class brands. In addition, it featured over 350 NFT brands and reached over 12 million from top media partners. This year’s event seeks to build on that success, bringing in even more sponsors and partners, including Raze, Fio, MINTangible, and RoofStockonChain, and an even bigger crowd of tech enthusiasts.

To learn more, please visit https://ibn.fm/b271k.

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