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OriginClear Inc. (OCLN) CEO Describes ‘Big Opportunity’ in Permian Basin, Reveals Plans to Improve Wastewater Treatment

  • OriginClear makes wastewater treatment widely available, looks to capitalize on growing market
  • OCLN offers unique wastewater treatment, conveyance products that benefit investor, user, environment
  • OCLN developing demonstration unit that offers solutions to saltwater-disposal-well problems in Permian Basin

OriginClear Inc. (OTC: OCLN) tackles tough water challenges across the world with breakthrough water-treatment and conveyance products. In 2020, global water-related industries are set to be a trillion-dollar market as water scarcity looms and infrastructure continues to break down (http://ibn.fm/lqJUP). Yet, a mere 20% of wastewater is ever treated, which means that the market is only a fraction of the size it should be (http://ibn.fm/9KnO2). Up until this point, however, growth in the wastewater-treatment arena has been limited by costly central water treatments and strict water rules that municipalities struggle to keep up with.

OriginClear looks to capitalize on this potential market by decentralizing water treatment and conveyance with cost-effective and eco-friendly infrastructure. The OriginClear approach makes it possible and practical for people to have clean water with on-premise, closed-loop water systems, therefore empowering clients since they no longer have to rely on municipalities for water.

In a recent interview on a syndicated TV program OriginClear CEO Riggs Eckleberry outlined the company’s plans to address water problems in the Permian Basin. Eckleberry explained that many of the big players in the Permian Basin are hoping to diversify and are looking to invest in new lines of business. The Permian Basin currently faces a major issue with saltwater disposal wells (SWDs) in the area running dry, and the OriginClear CEO sees these SWDs as the “lowest-hanging fruit” and greatest investment opportunity (http://ibn.fm/axce9).

OriginClear offers a way to effectively reuse the water, thus helping prevent SWDs from going dry and significantly extending the life span of the wells. Additionally, OriginClear’s modular water treatment and conveyance can be used in other ways in the Permian Basin. For example, water needed for fracturing sand wash can be reused with OCLN systems.

However, the re-use of water, Eckleberry noted, is less of an urgent problem than the SWDs, which he calls “the big opportunity.” While nothing is official yet, the CEO revealed that the company has agreed to move ahead with a joint venture to develop a demonstration unit for the Permian area.

Eckleberry observed that the water industry moves slowly; it is complex with many moving parts as well as restrictions. This creates a significant amount of resistance to new ideas. Eckleberry believes that one of the benefits of OriginClear’s specific initiative in the Permian Basin is that the approach is something everyone can get behind; it’s simply a way of cleaning and reusing water that is already being dumped, he explained. Because of that, no changes have to be made to the overall process.

“We step out of the sort of critical operations area, create a win, and it then generates this funding opportunity for the large investors who are trying to diversify,” Eckleberry said in a news release. Once this succeeds, the OriginClear team hopes to explore other water-treatment projects in the Permian Basin to improve systems and benefit the environment.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.OriginClear.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to OCLN are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/OCLN

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