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Odyssey Health, Inc. (ODYY) Interview Addresses Company’s Focus on Development of Drug and Device Technologies to Treat Unmet Medical Needs

  • Odyssey Group International Inc. is a Nevada based medical company developing a variety of drug and technology assets to treat unmet clinical needs
  • Odyssey CEO Michael Redmond recently appeared on Bloomberg TV’s The RedChip Money Report(R) to discuss the development pipeline for three of the company’s four products and pending clinical testing
  • Odyssey’s assets include treatments for patients who may have undiagnosed heart disease, patients choking on some type of obstruction lodged in their throats, patients dealing with a rare neurodegenerative disorder and patients needing treatment for brain concussion injuries
  • The drug-device combination for treating concussions is advancing in a Phase 1 clinical human trial that is currently enrolling 48 patients

Sixty-five years after retired business and senior finance executive Bob Valentine received life-saving care in Children’s Hospital of Buffalo’s neonatal intensive care unit (“NICU”) to treat respiratory distress syndrome he experienced as a newborn, Valentine made a Valentine’s Day donation of $500,000 this year to the hospital’s foundation, which established a fund to help families experiencing a similar journey (https://ibn.fm/VbhyF).

Valentine’s expression of gratitude for what was then revolutionary medical care is by no means unique in the annals of emergency treatments that have helped patients overcome traumatic developments and go on to pursue their lives. A Long John Silver’s business executive recently gifted $1 million to a university’s research fellowship after cardiothoracic surgery there resolved heart problems that endangered his life (https://ibn.fm/Sq4HR). And sometimes the expressions of gratitude have a more intangible value, such as when a family publicly praised a police officer’s CPR efforts that saved a choking child, who wrote the officer a thank you card (https://ibn.fm/Js38d).

Odyssey Health (OTC: ODYY) is dedicated to advancing lifesaving medical products that offer similar levels of hope to a new generation of people through technological and clinical developments that demonstrate advantages over current standards of care.

At the moment, Odyssey’s market profile includes two medical device candidates and two pharmaceutical products in development. The portfolio is responding to varied needs, including patients who may have undiagnosed heart disease, patients choking on some type of obstruction lodged in their throats, patients dealing with a rare neurodegenerative disorder and patients needing treatment for brain concussion injuries.

CEO Michael Redmond spoke with The RedChip Money Report(R) on Bloomberg TV this month to explain the company’s business model and acknowledge the involvement of professional football athletes in the development of the concussion treatment and plans for human trials (https://ibn.fm/Liyny). There currently is no FDA-approved drug to treat concussions, according to the company, making its efforts a potentially leading-edge solution.

“We will provide a clinical advantage in the marketplace,” Redmond said during the interview. “We have a very unique new chemical entity intended to treat mild traumatic brain injury — the acute phase of a concussion. It’s a small device. It essentially delivers a powderized drug through the upper chambers of the nasal cavity. The drug crosses the blood-brain barrier within five minutes. It spreads out throughout the brain within 30 minutes and reverses the effects of a concussion” (https://ibn.fm/Gpjs7).

Redmond said the company’s preclinical lab animal tests indicate the drug is safe and efficacious. Lab reports have been produced and the drug had been approved to advance to a Phase 1 clinical human trial for the drug-device combination. Results from the first cohort of the trial indicate the drug was well tolerated and no adverse events were observed.

The cardiological prototype device is also unique, with nothing else in the marketplace able to match its rapid ability to map the heart, Redmond said. The anti-choking device seeks to stand out above existing competitors with its portability and efficacy. The interview did not address the drug being developed to treat the rare neurodegenerative disorder Niemann-Pick disease.

“They have strong IP positions — on all three of them,” Redmond said. “We believe that we have the management, the Board of Directors, and the experience level … that will allow us to successfully commercialize all three of these products and create significant value for the company.”

For more information, visit the company’s website at https://odysseygi.com/.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to ODYY are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/ODYY

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