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NFT Expoverse Draws Massive Interest and Coverage From All Spheres

Enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and the curious about industries involved with crypto, arts, music, tech, esports, and more are all invited to attend NFT Expoverse. This event will be held in Los Angeles, California from the July 29-31, 2022. While 2021 proved a turning point for the blockchain space, interest in blockchain technologies and NFTs seem to be increasing even more rapidly in 2022, making it a perfect year for an event like NFT Expoverse.

The city of Los Angeles is perfect for this conference as it’s a historical melting point of culture, technology, and recreation. The event will gather some of the industry’s most sought-out speakers, all of whom will share their insights obtained from their own personal experiences in the field. Attendees will come out as experts themselves by the end of the event!

All of NFT Expoverse’s participants can learn, connect with peers, seek guidance, build long-term business ties with their mentors, and conduct business with top-rated brands. This event is the complete package for enthusiasts and beginners, allowing them to dive into all things web3, cryptocurrency, NFT markets, and metaverse experiences.

Blockchain technologies are opening up a world of possibilities, among them the ability to mint what is known as NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). These blockchain based tokens represent unique digital assets like art, music, videos, and gaming items. NFTs are encrypted with the creator’s signature and use blockchain software to verify the ownership and originality of the assets. That being said, tons of creators from around the globe are now preparing for an exciting opportunity to elevate their careers at NFT Expoverse.

Brands can leverage NFT Expoverse’s opportunities by bringing their products and services to the forefront as exhibitors throughout the event. This will allow them to connect with potential investors and engage with the audience in real life.

“NFT Expoverse gives everyone the chance to connect in person, ask their questions in real-time, and take part in experiences they won’t be able to have over a Zoom. This event is extremely unique as it caters to attendees like my parents (the curious) all the way to those already established in this industry (the creators) and everyone in between.” Nicole Beiner, Marketing Director of NFT Expoverse.

The team behind NFT Expoverse wants to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience by having unique immersive experiences, an NFT art gallery, VIP experiences, and much more. Additionally, this event is being held by a company called ZJ Events, which has an extensive background in creating unique trade show experiences in alternative industries.

Those who purchase their tickets early on will get access to special offers. Plus, they have partnered with several hotels nearby the venue to make your visit even smoother. Attendees will have access to refreshments and a networking break, in addition to speaking sessions and hundreds of exhibits. The icing on the cake is that after the immersive sessions are over, participants can enjoy NFT Expoverse’s official after party!

To get tickets, please visit https://nftexpoverse.com.

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