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Neutra Corp. (NTRR) to Release Hemp-Based VIVIS Skin Cream

  • Neutra Corp. subsidiary VIVIS recently announced the formal release of its hemp-based transdermal skin cream
  • Neutra Corp. is an early-stage research and development company that is interested in developing products for healthy living, particularly relating to air quality and the use of CBD products derived from hemp
  • The company is interested in the development and retail of hemp-based cannabidiol products such as skin creams, which can be used by athletes and sports enthusiasts
  • Neutra Corp. acquired VIVIS in September 2019 to increase the company’s presence in the growing CBD market sector

Neutra Corp. (OTCQB: NTRR) is an early stage research and development company that was founded in 2015. Neutra Corp. is interested in new technologies, particularly in the nutraceuticals area. It aims to find healthy solutions for living in today’s world. To this end, the company aims to develop and bring to market products that are natural and organically based.

Neutra Corp. is interested in developing into a vertically integrated company, able to cultivate, manufacture and distribute hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products effectively, with the announced market release of a new transdermal (http://ibn.fm/YKbUS), hemp-based sports cream the company believes will be a hit with both amateur and pro athletes, and others seeking relief after tough workouts and performances. In fact, the market for hemp-based cannabidiol products has proven to be lucrative with sales in 2018 alone of up to $390 million. Projected sales in the next couple of years is expected to be a few billion dollars.

The forecast is that consumer interest and sales in CBD and CBD-derived products is going to substantially increase in the future and, thus, a company in this industry is likely to profit greatly in the coming years, which is what Neutra Corp. recognizes. The interest in cannabidiol and CBD-based products has shown tremendous growth over the last couple of years, and more growth is likely to occur as legislation changes to allow more items to be developed and sold to consumers.

Neutra Corp. is interested in forging business relationships so as to help with the goal to develop creams and supplements within the hemp-derived CBD marketplace. Therefore, Neutra Corp. recently acquired VIVIS in September 2019 – in order to increase the presence of Neutra Corp. in the CBD market sector. VIVIS is a retail brand of products that are derived from hemp. In addition, these products from VIVIS are all certified to be of high purity and contaminant-free. All of these products are third-party tested, which falls in line with Neutra Corp.’s aim to develop natural and organic products that are safe for the environment. The idea is that Neutra Corp. will be able to expand further into the market for hemp-derived products through this recent acquisition of VIVIS (http://ibn.fm/syVuV).

Neutra Corp. subsidiary VIVIS has now announced the formal release of their hemp-based transdermal skin cream. There is a large market of athletes who are potentially interested in skin creams and other products derived from hemp-based CBD. Skin creams can be very helpful for treating discomfort that athletes may experience because of their physical activity.

Neutra Corp. is particularly interested in products that have been designed for athletes and active Americans, and it is likely that the sports medicine and nutrition market will grow in the future. Sports nutrition sales are also projected to reach $11 billion by 2023. As more people become involved with sports and athletics, the market for creams and supplements can be expected to grow substantially in this area.

Neutra Corp. is also business partners with ZeroBlast, which uses a non-toxic antimicrobial solution to remove bacteria from surfaces. Another partner is Surface to Air Solutions – which is involved in green technology.

Neutra Corp. has been making good progress with businesses and potential future acquisitions, according to the company’s CEO Sydney Jim, and thus the company has canceled its reverse stock split and is instead going to focus on recent acquisitions.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.NeutraInc.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to NTRR are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/NTRR

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