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MetAlert, Inc. (MLRT) Patient Tracking Technology To Gain User Access in Sweden’s Cognitive Care Centers

  • GPS-enabled location device developer MetAlert provides geographical tracking technology that is discrete and functional through shoe inserts that provide data connectivity to cognitive patient caregivers
  • MetAlert announced in January that it is expanding the reach of its SmartSole flagship product through an agreement with Sweden’s government that was established by distribution partner Posifon AB
  • Government agencies across Europe and in the United States have recognized the importance of being able to monitor the whereabouts of patients with cognitive concerns
  • MetAlert’s development team has improved the SmartSole with a battery capable of lasting up to five days, and the company plans to roll out its -Plus model later this quarter with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability for enhanced data monitoring of falls and other medical concerns

Wearable tracking and health monitoring device developer MetAlert (OTC: MLRT) provides relief to the world’s elderly and medical patients prone to confusion through the company’s flagship product — an insertable shoe insole equipped with tech that transmits vital information about the wearer to caregivers.

Initially designed to track the location of individuals prone to wander, MetAlert’s innovative GPS-enabled SmartSole units have, through continued development, gained the capacity to provide location-specific information in indoor, home environments through a Wi-Fi connection in its soon-to-debut -Plus model. And a Bluetooth link to other wearable medical devices will allow the -Plus model to transmit a wider variety of health-related data to caregivers when it rolls out later in the quarter.

The SmartSole has recently been upgraded with five days of battery life, and its geographical reach has expanded as well with the recent announcement that it will provide a key part of affiliate Posifon AB’s authorized service in Sweden through a national service agreement with the country’s major municipalities.

“We are excited to launch this next generation 4G Cat M1 GPS SmartSole in one of Europe’s most advanced healthcare countries when it comes to addressing the needs of Alzheimer and Dementia patients,” MetAlert Director Andrew Duncan stated in the company’s Jan. 25 announcement (https://ibn.fm/XPE63). “Our partner Posifon has done an incredible job in securing national distribution channels after many years of trials and evaluation by the Swedish authorities.”

MetAlert’s technology promotes lifestyle wellness and independence for patients who have become more vulnerable to critical conditions and would therefore be more likely to be reliant on assistance from others at any given hour. Posifon’s service agreement will allow it to provide home care, personal tracking, and security for seniors at healthcare organizations that include memory care clinics, hospitals and social care organizations across Sweden. Posifon Managing Director, Henrik Essunger, said he anticipates further expansion from Sweden across Scandinavia and Europe.

While countries such as Germany have historic concerns about individuals’ privacy as a result of government monitoring policies under the Nazi and Communist regimes, others such as Norway have codified laws requiring local governments to provide GPS-based tracking in device purchases for people who are in need, according to a report on MetAlert by multinational IT industry standards agency BCS (https://ibn.fm/2pfTF).

Tracking technology for individuals with cognitive issues is now supported by local Alzheimer Associations and multiple police, search and rescue organizations in over 40 countries, according to the report.

The SmartSole-Plus’ Wi-Fi connectivity will narrow the focus by helping to monitor for patient falls within their quarters, and the Bluetooth hub function will allow medical caregivers to use it for monitoring diabetes, heart, and other conditions as necessary.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.MetAlert.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to MLRT are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/MLRT

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