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EV Charging Summit & Expo To Discuss Important Issues Of EV Charging

The EVCS & Expo event is being held on March 29-31, 2023 at the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas. Company executives, directors, professionals, government organizations, and stakeholders of EV and allied industries, are invited to attend the event. The event focuses on important issues of financing, infrastructure, operability, and ROI for EV charging.

Exhibitors participating in the event will pitch their business ideas and showcase real solutions, novel ways of cost savings, and technological advances to infrastructure.  All commercial and government organizations can leverage the platform to gain in-depth knowledge and insights into hassles, challenges and solutions for EV charging infrastructures.

Key points of discussion at the summit:

  • Find immediate implementation solutions for EV charging sites
  • Learn new technologies and advances in the EV spectrum from exhibitors at the Expo
  • Build networking ties and professional connections to harness the growth potential of the million-dollar industry
  • Get ready for the BEV demand by collecting insights and knowledge from experts attending the summit
  • Be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities available in the EV spectrum

Property owners, developers/investors, and industry representatives will discuss how EV charging is a valuable asset to the real-asset fraternity. They will also navigate and explore the scope of growth in bringing EV charging infrastructure to their residential or commercial site.

Another pivotal point covered at the summit includes how to offer seamless consumer experiences so that the customer realizes its importance and builds confidence in EV charging. Rural communities can benefit highly from electric vehicles but lack equitable charging infrastructure. Experts will also explore ways to bring the EV infrastructure to distant and rural areas, and places that can’t support charging infrastructure. The EV Charging infrastructure could prove extremely valuable to such areas owing to the current gas prices and considerably long daily commutes.

EVs and microgrids can serve as powerful tools in the event of a natural disaster. While EVs can be used as backup batteries, mobile charging stations can draw from utility power and battery-stored energy for quick deployment in sites inflicted with disasters. Industry leaders and veterans will speak about microgrids and EVs as temporary power solutions separate from the larger power grid.

Apart from the above, discussions will be held on investment, funding, OEM manufacturing, EV fleets, hardware & software aspects, and more.

To learn more, please visit (https://ibn.fm/n0IBn).

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