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Electronic Servitor Publication Network Inc. (XESP) Helps Businesses Compete and Win Through The Increasingly Recognized Necessity of Marketing Automation

  • XESP, through its Digital Engagement Engine(TM), is making automation, powerful data management, and an advanced workflow, more accessible to B2B companies
  • The company allows businesses to offer buyers meaningful and empowering experiences, making them feel appreciated and understood, and moving them to action
  • XESP understands businesses’ concerns, especially regarding the cost of automation, and continues to refine its products, integrating new features and addressing emerging customer needs, all at a more competitive price point
  • By integrating new features and making new offerings, the company is staying ahead of the competition and stamping its position as a leader in the digital activation and engagement space

Electronic Servitor Publication Network (OTCQB: XESP), a market disruptor for B2B companies, is showing how unique, cutting-edge data analysis and smart technology can grow businesses and help them develop a continuous flow of customers. Through its Digital Engagement Engine(TM), the company is making advanced marketing automation, data management, and an efficient marketing workflow, more accessible to B2B companies, affording them greater reach and lift for their digital content and ensuring greater customer satisfaction and advocacy.

“The Digital Engagement Engine(TM) isn’t just another marketing or technology tool; it’s a way to develop real connections with target markets.”

Experts in the industry have noted that automation is no longer an option. With changing customer demands and preferences, big and small businesses are all being forced to embrace new technologies and ways to satisfy these demands. XESP, through its Digital Engagement Engine(TM), offers a unique value proposition for its customers.

For starters, through its offering, XESP allows businesses to generate valued experiences that resonate with buyers. This comes in the form of more efficiently proving a brand’s end value to customers and delivering focused offerings that drive conversion and loyalty. Through its technological offerings, XESP can provide businesses with tools that allow customers to feel appreciated and heard. Superior intelligent automated technologies, when used correctly, are able to identify and respond meaningfully and immediately, addressing the growing need for customers to get a response in 10 minutes or less, a huge determinant of customer satisfaction (https://ibn.fm/M1Bah).

“That meaningful interaction gives a greater relationship with your audience and trust,” noted Peter Hager, XESP’s CEO. “Ultimately, it drives greater growth in your organization and, very simply put, replicates what you do face-to-face,” he added (https://ibn.fm/RRMha).

One of the biggest concerns for businesses is the cost of investing in certain conveniences, technologies, or product offerings. It is a legitimate concern since it counts as an ongoing expense for businesses looking to earn as much profit as possible from selling their products or services. XESP understands this concern, and while its offering is competitively priced, the bottom line is a significant return on investment, one that allows a business to meet their growth and return on investment objectives.

Studies on automation in businesses have validated its importance. For instance, with email and marketing automation, it was noted that for every $1 invested, businesses get $44 back. In addition, triggered emails resulted in eight times more opens and more significant sales than typical batch email sends. This is on top of offering an affordable way to stay connected with customers, an easier way to track and measure metrics, and the benefit of having a more efficient team.

XESP continues to refine its product, integrating new features and addressing emerging customer needs. The company’s understanding of the changing dynamics in the market allows it to stay ahead of the competition, offering products and services that solve real problems and deliver on its promise. This has helped set the company apart from its peers while positioning itself as a leader in its segment.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.XESPN.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to XESP are available in the company’s newsroom at https://ibn.fm/XESP

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