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DGE’s 4th DEI For Pharma & Healthcare Summit To Discuss Workplace Challenges and Superior Strategies

Pharmaceutical colleagues, academic institutions, HCPs, patients, advocacy groups, consumers, research sites and allied partners are invited to attend the 4th DEI For Pharma and Healthcare Summit organized by DGE, on March 25-26, 2024 in Tampa, FL.

The Dynamic Global Events (“DGE”) group is a Life Science leader in hosting B2B events, catering to the dynamic informational and networking needs of the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Medical Devices and allied industries.

Summit attendees will discuss and learn the best ways to drive actionable DEI initiatives to achieve goals and design a defining path for their organization. Colleagues can bring up the common challenges they face to incorporate proven DEI practices into their workplace.

Topics to be discussed at the 4th DEI for Pharma & Healthcare include:

  • Implementing effective DEI practices from the ground up
  • Disability and Special Needs in the workplace
  • Conscious inclusion for LGBTQ+ and gender-affirming healthcare/patient & staff interactions
  • Global Approaches to DEI Practices
  • The Role of Chief Diversity Officer 
  • Maximizing the Impact of ERGs
  • Building High-Trust Teams in a Low-Trust World

To understand the evolving health landscape, there is a need to get access to in-depth data on global and local health trends. This helps in better research & development as well as better policy-making for the health sector. Experts will discuss how data can be accumulated and used effectively so that organizations can support each other in DEI challenges. Imminent industry leaders will throw light on how DEI practitioners can state a clear framework of policies to support ERGs.

Leaders and industry veterans of the pharma and healthcare sectors will discuss insights on building and implementing winning DEI strategies. Leading DEI professionals will attend the summit to contribute valuable insights and lean in towards industry-wide challenges.

To learn more, please visit https://ibn.fm/bzmJf.

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